Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Change is in the air...and it's not what you think- the shaking continues

Father is speaking:

I have told you in my word that I would shake everything that CAN be shaken. I am not shaken. I am immovable. I am the only stability you will ever find. I am security. I am the one and only true and living God. All else is sinking sand. When you stand on and with ME you will never fail.

Things may look dire in your life or they may look promising. If you depend on your circumstances for your hope you will end up hopeless. There is no other hope than ME. None.

I WILL shake everything. Some physically. The world shakes and continues to shake and quake. The climate continues to surprise man. Do not trust men...there is a curse to those who do. Rely only on me. I am your all in all.

Much upheaval will come from the shaking. Some will try to take advantage of this to seize power. People with evil intent.

The shaking will not only be physical, it will be economic. The world celebrates weak Pyrrhic economic victory. Recovery they say. Prosperity is back. Peace because of men's agreements. It's all an illusion. The world's system will fail. It has taken the Place of MY WORD in YOUR LIVES. My covenant with you is perfect and without fail. When it all comes down you will have ME and that will be all you will need.

The shaking will be political. The governments of men show themselves to be corrupted. Do not place hope in them. They have nothing but empty words to offer. When it comes down, they will come down. I place one in power and take another down. It's all MY purposes. Those in power now around the world are they by MY grace and allowance yet I will remove them when the time is right.

The shaking will shake the man-made religious systems of this earth. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and pagan earth spirit religions of the secular world. I will make it clear that you shall have NO other gods other than ME. Not all will repent. But without THIS shaking many would not. It will appear that somehow I am destroying MY church by this shaking of religious systems. Many who carry my name I never knew. They are no longer MY CHURCH. The gates of hell cannot prevail against MY CHURCH. But many who call themselves MY church will fail. The gates of hell will stand against them and win.

Have confidence and trust in me. Take no thought about tomorrow. Trust ME and you will see your salvation. Look UP. I am coming soon.

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Margaret said...

This is Powerful! My spirit leaps for joy when I read this, especially the last 2 sentences. That's how I know it to be true.