Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Apology to my Friend at Prophetic Expressions

I didn't mean to, but I accidentally deleted all your good comment. The button for delete is right next to the one for post. I hit the wrong one. I particularly wanted to comment back on the WORMWOOD planet x thing. I believe something is right about all that. I have no information. So, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, if you can remember the bright and pithy things you said on all three posts, I promise NOT to delete and I promise to answer you...I want to.


I don't always answer every comment. Sometimes I don't want to get into an argument. Other times I think you said it so well I have nothing to offer.

So, I appreciate your input, and post it up for others to read.



prophet expressions said...

thanks, nasa says there is a planet or asteroid comet comming again , it is called planet x, others call it nibiru, it has been traveling this way again, the closer it gets the stronger the gravitational pull on the earth causing more and more earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes increasing on earth. when and if it fully crosses us the earth will stop for awhile causing a shift, the northpole will suddenly be newyork area, the catholics seers prophesy rhere will be a three days of darkness that will happen to the earth with this,,, see you tube for some great videos on this, planet x, is mentioned already in the book of revelation as the asteroid called wormwood......rhe aztex elders also say their calendar ends in 2012 and that it is end of days as we see it now, new agers have tried to exploit rhis info , but nasa and wormwood is a lready in motion

prophet expressions said...

see rev. ch. 8, on the star wormwood, in greek is aster (star) is thrown down to earth, poisons one third of water, grasses, ships, mankind, sea of blood, a metorite falls also ch, 9 it is the fourth trumpet