Thursday, August 25, 2016

Word from the Lord about the President to come..

I am not going to name the name.  I am hearing correctly.  I keep being asked what I am hearing.  I won't be one of those prophets who seems to be getting on board with someone.  In the flesh I have a bias.  That's no secret.  In the Spirit it's something else.  What I must do is prepare you for what is to come AFTER the election.

For that reason I am not going to tell you what I know to be true.

I will tell you this:
  • Much will be revealed before this national decision is made.
  • Those who candidates thought they could depend upon will abandon them.  Disloyalty will reign.
  • The lack integrity from the media, government and even the candidates themselves will create a vacuum that only God can fill. 
  • God is doing something in this election.  Hope in a person is becoming a curse.
  • The future of our whole system of governance is in a state of flux.  When the next president takes the oath of Office in January... half of the nation will groan, half will celebrate.
  • The divisions in our nation will intensify.  Unity will not be able to be restored without spiritual rebirth.
  • Corrupted minds will be revealed.

I can tell you this that this person who will be elected will not change the cultural circumstance that has brought us to this point in history.

The next crisis is already underway.. and it will be worse than we think.  Be prepared as much as you can be.  Love your children.  Make friends with your neighbors.  Look at failed nations around the world and ask yourself, can this happen here?  It already has begun.  We do not yet have failed states but we have failed cities.  That manner of corrupt leadership will expand until there is no reversal.  

God has a plan for this nation. It's not what people are promising. It's not what we hope.  It is a plan with an outcome.. in the future.   People love to point to Jeremiah 29 "For I know the plans I have for you..."  We love that passage.  Yet you must read the whole prophetic letter to understand what the Lord was saying to them.  Link Here.  

The plans that the Lord had for them included this news:
  • They weren't coming home any time soon.  Not for 70 years.
  • He told them to settle down.  Build a house, Unpack your suitcase.  You are stuck.
  • Plant a garden, produce your own food.  Get ready for a long siege.
  • Have lots of children and have your children get married and have children. Increase, don't waste away. Grow where you are planted.
  • Work hard to see to it the captors over you do well.  Support them.  Their prosperity will be your prosperity.  
  • AND HERE'S THE KICKER.  GOD HIMSELF sent them into exile.  

Then he tells them to ignore the  prophets who are telling them all kinds of "We're gonna get out of here soon".  He tells them they are false prophets who need to be ignored.  In fact He even tells them that He will have them turned over to King Nebuchadnezzar for execution because they are false prophets and they were committing adultery.  He also has a series of really bad news for them.  They Zedekiah and Ahab were burned alive in execution.  The worst is that not only the Prophets suffered for their presumption, but their families as well.  There were other false prophets as well and as cursed.

He tells them that after 70 years he will restore to them everything they lost and bring them home.  There is a promise of restoration we need to hear.

This is the word of the Lord to the USA today as well.  Get used to the situation.  It's gonna be a long bumpy ride to get back to the land we once loved.


Ron McK said...

Great word, Gene. America needs to hear it.

The outcome of the election is clear. The political/media/military/security/financial establishment has already won power. Hillary and Trump are just puppets. If Hillary wins, she will be controlled by the political/media/military/security/financial establishment, because she owes them. If Trump wins, he will be tied up in knots by the political/media/military/security/financial establishment, because they are so strong. The political/media/military/security/financial establishment and the principalities and powers have won.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to name the name. I am hearing correctly. I keep being asked what I am hearing. I won't be one of those prophets who seems to be getting on board with someone.

How is naming the name "getting on board with someone", since it was God who gave the name and you did not have anything to do with it?