Thursday, August 25, 2016

God's Wrecking Ball

I know this man, he's a good one.   I respect his opinion and his prophetic bent. 

I may not see perfectly eye to eye.. but THIS is worth the read.  God's Wrecking Ball

A mutual friend made this comment:

"Many Christians are having a hard time getting behind Trump. That’s perfectly understandable. Most of us want a President who is like our pastor. That preference assumes that God wants to accomplish the kind of work a pastor is equipped to do.

But what if He intends to do a different type of work? It seems better, perhaps to look at the kind of instrument God chooses and let the instrument inform us of us what He intends to do.

If God chooses a hammer, the work He intends to do may require driving nails. If He chooses a broom, it may involve sweeping up a mess. And if a man seems to be a wrecking ball, the work he needs to do may require some demolition."

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Fallout said...

A couple of months ago I watched an Alex Jones video where he stated that Donald Trump is more aware of the corruption in government than he is.

If God uses a claw hammer he can remove the nails in the containers that are holding the secrets.