Monday, August 1, 2016

SURGE - Don't be washed away

A few years ago there was a prophetic theme in the Impact network.  It was Surge.  It meant that things were going to  accelerate.

I haven't thought about that much until the last few days.

I can't tell you how or when, but I have a sense of a surge in the Spirit.  There is a coming realization that things cannot go on as they are.  That something is out of order. 

This has already manifested in many ways.  People are revolting against the accepted status quo in many areas.  Those who have long controlled the status quo are in fear.  That there is a revolution coming. This goes to the very highest halls of power and controlling influencers.  They have had their way for a long time in government, religion, education, politics, business. finance, news media and entertainment.  Those who have always been the agents of control, even the police and military feel it.

Change is always difficult, it takes a flexible soul to deal with  it.  Many are not.  They are resorting to old ways.  Many are resisting the coming surge.  It is futile.

Everything you thought was fixed is moving.   Now we must move.

This will cause division, but it will also create consolidation.  This will be a wonderful time for the Church of Jesus. She does best when uncertain times are manifesting.

Be prepared to find your footing on Jesus.. for the change coming will wash many away.. lost in a flood of convention and conformity.  I look forward to this.    We will look at these days that we feared with JOY.

As my Wife once said to me years ago before we decided to move to Chicagoland, "I'm up for a Change".  So am I.


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Kathy said...

I pray you are right! I have felt that God is ready to something mighty and those that do not believe will see the light. We should all pray for America, that she will not fall.