Friday, August 12, 2016

How Prophets Deal With an Imminent Threat

In the study of the Prophetic as exemplified by what is written in the word of God, there are several kinds of approaches that Prophets use to warn, help, encourage, mollify and ameliorate something coming down the road. "Something Wicked this Way Comes".

Sometimes the prophet gives and If - Then word.   IF my people, If you, If nothing changes.  It's a word of warning to change to avoid calamity. 

Sometimes the prophet paints a picture of an outcome that can be avoided if behavior is avoided.

Sometimes the prophet looks far beyond the imminent threat and let's the people know that it will all turn out for good.  The long view.

Sometimes the prophet decries the moral and corrupt state of a people that invites the threat to come.

Sometimes the prophet reassures that despite the threat coming, Jesus is still king and still has subjects who will not bow the knee. 

Sometimes the prophet has the task of letting the people know that when the threat hits, they will have to endure a long period of pain.  Preparation for that is not just in the physical, but in the Spiritual.  It is why Father had me write the little book, Facing the End.  We have to prepare for the days to come.

The main thing a prophet must do is draw a plumb-line between ungodliness and the holiness intended for HIS people that is short of the mark.  That holding up to the bright light the purity of God's intentions toward us and our rebellion leads us to destruction, even inviting the threat.

So much of this is looking at the perfect compared to the present, much looking at the present and the choices we make that creates our future and some is looking into the future to prepare the people for the times to come.  Anything less demeans the prophetic and it's purpose.

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Kathy said...

I would love to read that little book, where can we find it? I take a lot of stock in the words you write.