Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sanctioning Evil

The past few years and even the recent past in Milwaukee demonstrates something tragic.   We are watching a cultural breakdown of society.  We have sanctioned evil.  People are looking for a solution but in all the wrong places.  There are wrong efforts at a solution.

For some this mean we need law and order.  Heavy policing.  Police state tactics.  High incarceration.  Many who are voting for Donald Trump want to see this kind of police presence on the streets.  Oh it will work for a little while but it becomes oppressive in a short while.

For others this means we have to "Understand" that we must be complicit in the outrage with money and policies in order to try to buy peace. The Ford foundation just gave millions of dollars to those who claim to represent a movement.  It's hush money.  It never works.  It only creates a vicious cycle of more and more until there is no more.  Nothing changes. 

Government can't solve this.  Liberal foundations can't do more than fuel the fires.

What makes it so difficult is those who are members of the communities going up in flames in Baltimore, Ferguson, St Louis, Milwaukee and Baton Rouge want what anyone wants, to live in peace and safety, to work, raise their kids, live life and not find themselves threatened by violence. 

This is NOT the case in most of our cities in the USA.  We are a violet society, but it is urban.  People in small towns and distant suburbs don't live like this.  Why?

Law and order must come from within.  It can't be imposed and it can't be bought off.  If you were to ask what outcome the movements like Black Lives Matter who has received a hundred million dollars hopes to accomplish, there is no answer.  But they sure got enough money.  It's all nebulous. Unmeasurable.  Without form or function.

No there is only one hope and it's found on street corners of America in Churches,  In schoolhouses and in homes. It will take a change of heart.  A radical change of heart.  A heart change that means most of what a 22 year old kid rioting in Milwaukee will have to be unlearned.  Is it possible?  Yes, with Jesus anything is possible, but it won't be easy.  It can't be incremental.  I must not be partial.  It must be transformative.

The idea that society needs to change to become like misleaders in many movements keep saying is required is just like bowling without a scoreboard, wearing earplugs and with a curtain drawn across the lane.  You throw the ball and expect others to tell you when you scored or what you need to do better.  There is no measurable way to know when there is there when people say we have to get there.

This does not deny there are issues, it does deny that the ways we are trying to fix them are wrong. 

The first place that needs to start to make a society of order that respects laws and each other is with the leadership.  Pastors and spiritual leaders need to set aside their agendas.  They need to care for and about the people they are ministering to. 

Teachers and administrators need to focus on building a tranformative inculcation of right and wrong with the need to put the shopping cart back in the rack, to pick up the garbage you see lying around, to stay home after 11 at night, to fill their heads with things that will help them in the future.  Schools are turning out people trained to lose in life.

Political leaders need to stop making excuses for violent acts.  When something is out of line, it must be spoken about.  Our current crop of politicians in Washington pour gasoline on the fire by words and actions. 

The home is the key.  Intense focus on raising good Godly seed starts by a family that IS. We don't have that.  This goes back to spiritual leadership.  Whatever we sanction and accept we replicate.  We need to stop sanctioning aberrant behavior.

I know this seems impossible, but with the right leadership, it must happen or when society does collapses as it has in Venezuela we will reap a horrible whirlwind.

The Lord speaks of this:  "Come let us reason together, my ways are higher than your ways, but your ways are meant to come up higher.  Your sins are scarlet, but I can clean you completely.  There is a way of the righteous, find it and walk in it.  I will remove the lawless heart of stone from you replace it with a heart of flesh.  I will fill you with MY Spirit, wash you with clean water and you will find new LIFE in me."
We must start to call evil what it is, and call what is good.. GOOD. 

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