Monday, October 6, 2014

Will she pass the Bride Test?

Sometimes I wish I didn't see so clearly what is coming on the earth. Great Glory born out of great difficulty. The idea of explosive progress in the Kingdom without stunning disruption is deception. I deal with that enough.

We see it in our elected officials, in our media, in our courts, in our governments. Deception that closes eyes they were put in place to open. What is most difficult to see is how those in authority in the Church are asleep in the light. I know people say, Don't give up on the church, but Lance Wallnau keeps asking the question, "What if Jesus has left the Building?". The capacity for harsh self examination seems to be lost.

You can't move ahead if you don't know where you are. The GPS we were given are the GOD'S PURPOSES SENSOR. Unfortunately most western churches turned off their GPS a long time ago and now are adrift. OH, there will come a day.. maybe soon, when the impact felt by a helpless church and unequipped Christians in the face of direct challenge will cause many to turn their backs on anything that doesn't have the Purposes of God plugged in to the Destination setting on the HOME button on their GPS.

In a soft way, while I wish none of these churches ill, it's time for a house cleaning, GOD'S HOUSE. Wood, hay and straw are cluttering up the sanctuary (and there is far too much chaff). Let's make room for Silver and Gold tried by fire.. and that fire is coming. It won't look like HIM when it comes, but it's Him all right. The fruit will tell the story. IF a pure bride emerges from the flame unscathed, it's Him and she IS. IF she tumbles, collapses and dies.. she never was....

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