Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Decaf Prophets

Churches LOVE the prophetic as long as it is served up to them DeCaf, Lukewarm and in small portions. I think about some who call themselves prophet yet have no fire, no heat, no power and who are happy to just be in submission to a constraining venue in order to maintain a platform that is actually unused. Nothing is happening but they are serving what the leaders desire.

This is not as it should be. Prophets should be crying out, decrying evil, encouraging good, correcting error, painting pictures of God's work in the world, declaring destiny (that goes both ways), preparing the way for the days to come, identifying and carrying out judgement against evil in the earth.
I don't see that much. I see a low calorie decaf insipid drip drip drip style of prophecy. Nothing changes, people are left in their deception and ignorance without any challenge or change.

Prophets: CRY ALOUD and SPARE NOT!! or sit down.

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