Thursday, October 16, 2014

"the Children of Disobedience" . . . Robert Blackburn

There is a spirit at work. And that spirit, is working in some people, he ought to not be working through. I'm not saying they are possessed; but the enemy is using them, to cause harm to the body of Christ. Most people knew these times would come. I'm about the age of what we like to call, the baby boomers; born during or right after a big war. Our parents, date back to the early part of the twentieth century, and our grandparents, before that. In other words, our family was here when the Holy Ghost was first poured out in a great manner in this country.

The Spirit, often used even unlearned and uneducated men and women, to teach the people, what He had taught them. All Christian churches, knew and taught, much more than they do today; they knew much more than has been passed down in some circles. All church folk, knew about the end times; would it not make sense, that the Spirit would teach them about it. It's not a secret, that many people, think certain scriptures are not talking about them and their group. It doesn't seem to matter, that the apostles warned of things that would arise; not just in the world, but in the church. They wrote about such things as, a falling away; many being led astray, many being deceived and many becoming cold and indifferent. They were not talking to the world; they were talking to us. We couldn't see that.

When you talk about people's conscience being seared, many who are lovers of themselves, those who are lukewarm, those who claim to have godliness but deny the full power of it, those having itching ears and those who have left their first love, you're not talking about people who never had anything to start with. You're talking about people who once had something but no longer have it now. An unsaved person, never had the mind of Christ, they never were reborn and the lusts of their flesh and mind, has never been changed. This is about people, who know better; or they once did. Those who once sought to follow the Spirit, but don't anymore.

Rebellion, is as the sin of witchcraft. Meaning, it sets off all kinds of real demons, and allows them to operate freely. Fighting against the Spirit, has had dire consequences; assuming authority that is not really yours, has opened a door, that should have remained closed. At first, many who are having a form of church, knew better, and some even know better now. It is their desire for glory, for wealth, power and control, that has blinded them to what is happening right under their very noses. And for a long time now, the enemy has been operating in their very midst; using people who truly appear to be, something they are not, and likely never have been.

This enemy, is called, the prince of the power of the air. Paul said, all of us were once the children of disobedience; but, we were supposed to be born again, and changed. Some, never had the goods to begin with. Others, have let old desires and the old man, surface once more. God gave us a choice. We might always go back to being who we were before; especially if we stop seeking and following the Spirit; always renewing Him, in us. How do I say, that the devil, thrives and grows, on a lukewarm church. He did everything he could, to stop the full power of the Spirit from operating among us; and he used some of our very own people to do it. Many of our people, remain disobedient to what the voice of the Spirit, is really saying to the Church. We have to actually resist the devil; in order for him to flee.

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