Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Lost Power of Communion

I have been teaching and pleading with leaders to understand the communion meal.  They don't.  They play at the edges.  It's tradition trampling underfoot the power of God.

Pastor Greg Dickow has a short teaching on this.

The charismatic church has captured the communion sacrament and it's meaning.

The traditional churches have lost it.

Oh they stills practice it but they no longer comprehend the Body of Christ in the Bread and Wine.

So they are sick and some sleep and some even die.

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Anonymous said...

over 1 million in an evangelistic meeting- nationally known several men . quote paul did not repent you do not need to repent quoting one pastor. These nationally known ministers in the U.S.another quote from an international prophet whom Kenneth hagin warned when addressing imbalanced prosperity teachings. Quote God has no sickness get the out of your head. well communion says specifically in the original language it is Gods chastening and Jesus spoke from heaven to seven churches calling for repentance. James and john talked of confession of sin. It seems that even many of our national leaders. no longer even know how to teach the six foundational doctrines Christians where to build on listed as the milk of the Word in Hebrews. I just corrected a professing pastor and gave Him some Word studies his reply I don't have time to study every jot and tittle. knowledge puffs up just have a relationship. I felt an inward sense of indignation ? it seems many ministers are so busy doing mighty works in His name and miracles sound doctrine is really not much of an issue. It's heartbreaking and creates lies coming straight from some pulpits.