Monday, July 7, 2014

Corporate Jezebel Manifested

A Whole Assembly can have a Jezebel Spirit and then wonder why God never moves among them.

This can be a denomination. In fact I think denominations were manufactured by Jezebel.  If you can't kill the prophets, divide them up.

This can be a movement.  Every move of God starts out right and then drifts off into apostasy as they reject the next move of God.  Jezebel.

This can be a church body.  If only the approved and vetted have input, if church leaders put a stop on who can bring the word, if there is intention to control things, you got a Jezebel on your hands.

It can be a leader, but most often is not.  This is why I honor an apostolic leader above a group think board of elders or some such.  In fact the whole idea of membership as a gateway is flawed.  What if The early church had done this.  We'd all have undergone early surgery on our foreskins by now to be members.

Thank God for men of God who ignored Jezebel.  Who fought hard against the allure of her control.

I know of many fellowships where she manifests with approval. She is evil.. don't let her in and if she somehow has weaseled her way into your fellowship, if you stand as senior leader of the house, if you are the Jehu who can throw her down, if you don't no one will.  Be strong. Be courageous.  Only the life of your fellowship is at stake. 

It will be hard, Jezebel is hard working, makes herself (Can be a Him except in the spirit) indispensable, uses emotion to get her way, ingratiates the power structure, makes it seem impossible to get rid of her.. which is the exact reason why you must.

She will RULE YOUR ROOST.  The words you will use why you cannot throw her down are, "You have no idea of all the things she does for me, how much of the load she takes off my shoulders, how much we would miss if she weren't here.  I don't have anyone to pick up the load of she is gone". 

Mr Senior Leader, Allow me to introduce you to your house Jezebel.  You just described her.

Now THROW HER DOWN...  She is killing you and the move of God in your fellowship.


Anonymous said...

and when a spirit is cast out it roams about seeking seven more more wicked than itself seekin to return. That Original language Word is soecific and used of those things cast out. The Words of ephesians 6 are specific and do not get cast out. Knowhere does it ever reference. a jezebel spirit other than the person in the old testament ot the person in the new.

Ron McK said...

Gene, Be careful that you "apostolic leader" is not an Ahab. Christians get worked up about the Jezebel spirit, but We must remember that before there can be a Jezebel there must be an Ahab. Ahab brought Jezebel to Israel. The church must understand this.

Ahab has been totally misunderstood by Christians. We think of him as a wimp, but this is wrong. His father Omri was the commander of the army, and you only got that job in those days, if you were physically tough and totally ruthless. Omri killed off all the opposition to become king. Ahab was Omri’s son, so he would have been brought up tough (1 Kings 16:16).

Kings did not last long in those times, so Ahab’s twenty-two year reign was a record (1 Kings 16:22). He built palaces and a fortified city (1 Kings 22:39). He was a very successful warrior-king at time when war was fought hand-to-hand. Ahab was mean, tough and strong, and had killed his share of men. He was a bully, not a wimp.

Ahab married Jezebel for political convenience. He needed a peace treaty with her father and their marriage was part of the deal.

Ahab was a hard, tough, mean political and military operator, who expected to get his own way. When he asked for something, people would jump to get it. This is why was sulking over the Naboth incident. He could have killed Naboth in a blink, but Jezebel beat him to it.

The Jezebel spirit cannot hold in church, unless an Ahab spirit already exists among the leadership opens the way.

Anonymous said...

Gene your factual observations are wonderful in this article. but sir their are approximately 1/3 of an innumerable host cast from heaven on top of that we find demon translated in English does not mean angel in the original language. You are not a rookie even the devil has to roam to and fro on the earth only God is omnipresent. So now I will speak by faith and if I am wrong take correction. You have had to deal with the enemy as the Lord led before. Did you do so apart from the leading of the Spirit without the gifts or with them....because if their even where a jezebel spirit and one person bound it then it would be out of action and we would not nor do we need a million books on the subject of spiritualizing two different dead is not in the new testament to teach things in this manner I do respect you but please pray over this....please it's one thing to use an anology it is quite another to use things far and away from the principles and doctrine..

Gene said...

God did not give you a spirit of fear but of .. We all recognize that a fear spirit is possible but sometimes is rampant. If it is a negative domineering spirit it is demonic. There are a lot of them. Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Rage, Greed and so forth. When they are combined in a certain way they most represent a personage.

Jesus speaking to Thyatira talked of that personage as Jezebel. A church according to Jesus full of Love, Service, Good works and patience. A model church but controlled by Jezebel. One who was leading them into sin mixed with good works. Her leadership involved her being a "prophet".

She is demonic in that when these spirits are manifested in a person they represent the demon. So many people can have the demon Jezebel and it is the manifestation of certain oppressions of the enemy.

In the same way we can speak to a person being a Judas or a Hitler in manifestation, we speak to a manifestation of demonic influence that looks like Jezebel. It cannot be tolerated, only cast out.

I know what you are saying.. I suppose in a soft way you are right, there is only ONE who's name is Jezebel, but her manifestations are legion. Be careful not to confuse the two. A demon has the capacity as well to take on the needed character to oppress a person.

Jesus came to deliver all that were oppressed of the Devil, those who manifest Jezebel are oppressed. The hair splitting over is it a personage or not is moot when you recognize how often she shows up. She is dangerous and harmful..and if one doesn't deal with her will destroy... that's the devil's plan anyway.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the kind and gracious response, it would seem you are using it as a general term. I had to break down scripture by scripture the things in ephesians 6 and those things concerning demons which Jesus himself mentioned, a demonic influence is not jezebel nor Ahab. it is exactly that, and when we look at the new testament jezebel scripture says you call yourself and you teach. So now we have to move over to the works of the flesh in revelation. This becomes a matter od doctrine as an opinion. You would not believe how many pastors I hear use the term jezebel and what they are teaching the leaders under them and the layman. The Holy Spirit is left ouy the jezebel doctrine becomes and excuse for control pride manipulation and accusation apart from God and veering well away from what the Word actually teaches. I would see a lot more balance and scriptural presentation. you mentioned the church of thyratia you are right many are teaching things that are not there instead of being taught to move over into the gifts they are taught to name spirits and discern them by the carnal mind. A form of religion denying the power of. ...I appreciate your kind reply Scott.