Thursday, April 10, 2014

What did Jesus really mean when HE issued the Great Commission?:

 When HE said Go YE Therefore and MAKE Disciples...  was that the end game?  Was that it?  Just make?  HIS direct disciples got the instructions and have tried to pass it down and now so did we....????  Yet I don't see the net result in most places.  I don't see the DNA of Jesus disciple making in Christendom today.  I see preaching.  I see teaching. I see empire building but not what I see Jesus do.  IF the DNA of Jesus is intact and unpolluted in our current expression of of who HE is... then it would look different.

I have a bit of a different take...
Jesus commands disciples to make disciples.  Then what?  IF they are discipled well they will MAKE disciples who look like the disciples who discipled them.. and then on and on and on.  It would be a spread of a spiritual DNA that thru discipleship.

That  kind of discipleship would not be leader-centric.  It would be infectious.  Those who are discipled by the leader would go out and become just like him.  The focus of Jesus DNA is the enlargement of the Kingdom  by this infective DNA. 

Yesterday I offered a word of encouragement to a man I honor who is doing just this.  The work he is doing in creating disciples has the DNA of Jesus all over it.  It's inclusive, it's expansive, many sons and daughters are coming from the work, spreading out, doing the works of the master, people are being released to expand the kingdom.  It's a miraculous event.

I have been watching this carefully and a couple years ago prophesied that things would not expand in this ministry many times faster than before. It's now happening.  What the future will hold is hard to grasp... I only know this... this looks like Jesus..... This is what he intended.  Disciples made to make disciples that make disciples and on it goes.  It's not enough for disciples to just know the word and live life well.. they become disciples to create new disciples.

This is the DNA of Jesus... it's alive and well, spreading like wildfire, and until some institutional hierarchy called the Church decides to cork it off with clergy and laity brick walls... the Kingdom WILL expand....


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