Friday, April 4, 2014

Prophetic Musings of the Day:

If you want to see more miracles, obey Him when He says: go bring fill cast out feed and a hundred other commands He gave and still gives. To obey is better than sacrifice. Do your best in obedience and He'll take care of the rest.

Every woman as a child dreams of herself as an angel, a princess, a queen, admired, loved, in high esteem, on a pedestal. No man can fill that for any woman. No job. No education. No family. Only ONE sees her that way. By HIM she is Beloved beyond measure. IF you try to find this anywhere but from the one who created and destined you on this earth at this time, you will chase an impossible dream. IF He cares about every hair on your head, (and He said He does), then you are so beautiful in every way... receive His love.. He's saving it all up for YOU!

The problem with the truth of the Gospel is not that it is so hard to grasp, that it is too fantastic, that it is made up and full of imaginations. The problem is it is so real. So visceral. Every episode and event from Genesis to Maps is real life grit and sometimes painful. No other text is so powerful and cuts away at everything man tries to put up against it. "For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires". Heb 4:12

Our intimacy with the Lord is often measured by what it takes to distract us. I really really love my iPhone. And yes, I know bible programs exist. I use them on both of my iPads and my iPhone. Even phone ringing in church, because someone forgot to turn it off, is of little consequence. The issue is endless texts, emails, and internet inquiries during worship and the message. None of us are that important to warrant constant interruptions in our meeting with God.  From Bill Johnson

An increasing number of professing Christians are now hearing about God's grace as an empowerment to obedience rather than a cover-up of sin. This is great, and I rejoice with thanksgiving. The remaining issue which I continue to see crop up, is that even though many have now been made aware of the true nature of grace, they do not know how to IMPLEMENT the power of grace in a PRACTICAL way. In other words, for many, the concept of true grace is still a fairly mysterious thing, because their daily lives continue to produce more evidence of DISOBEDIENCE (also called SIN) rather than OBEDIENCE, which is the clearest evidence of FAITH IN CHRIST.

To bridge the gap between the CONCEPT of true grace and the PERSONAL, EXPERIENTIAL, PRACTICAL REALITY of true grace, is VERY SIMPLE.

Not hard.

Not complicated.

Doesn't take years to get.

Doesn't take Seminary or Bible Classes to learn it.

A child can do it and I'm about to tell you how...


REST in the TRUTH of who God is, what He has accomplished through the Cross, and who He has made you to be in Christ, by agreeing ONLY with that which is TRUE, according to Scripture, about GOD -- about the Cross -- and about YOU. Practice this REST in moment by moment, breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat COMMUNION/FRIENDSHIP/INTIMACY with God.

That's it. That's all you do. It's that simple.

This is called, "seeking first the Kingdom and it's righteousness," and God promises you that if you will practice this very simple and beautiful lifestyle, ALL shall be added unto you~


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