Friday, April 4, 2014

What about Hell is Hell

My view of hell is not as orthodox as some. It comes as I have pondered what Jesus said about hell, what the book of Revelation says, what Paul says in Thessalonians. And parables Jesus gave regarding Hell.

I believe that the alternative to eternal life is eternal death. Hades. Perishing.

I believe that those who reject God and his offer of freedom once it has been well explained to them and they have to make a decision, is an act of condemnation. This means that many people who's only exposure to the word of God is a bullhorn preacher on the street yelling turn or burn. That is not an accountable gospel message.

I believe that the lake of fire is reserved for some specific people. They are listed several places. Those are people who even knowing the truth, reject it, and become candidates for hell.

I believe that there are levels of hell... great torment.. and absence for the light of the father. No matter what it will be a very bad place.

I have heard the testimonies of those who have had experiences and seen hell. Some are more credible than others. I don't formulate

The hell many will experience is alone, dark, cold and with torment from demons.

Those who never hear, never know, never have a credible witness or call of the Holy Spirit on their lives will die .... but hell? I'm not convinced.

I would be interested if you have had a revelation of hell, what you believe. If your only input would be bible bullets, I have all them already.

In this season of movies and books about a revelation of heaven, it's appropriate to consider hell...

I do know this... There's a hell to shun and a heaven to gain... God can never allow for sin in his presence... so Jesus came and died so we could enter.

From another Prophet Friend of Mine.. His view and a good one:

It’s funny – in a sick and twisted kind of way – that so much of our understanding of “hell” comes from an Italian Catholic pharmacist during the dark ages, rather than from the Bible.
And we find ourselves defending the Italian pharmacist’s version, sometimes at the expense of what (little) the Bible actually says definitively.
It’s kind of exciting to watch as we begin to separate the Truth from the traditions that we’ve held onto for so long.
[EDIT: The "Italian Catholic Pharmacist" is Dante Alighieri. "Dante's Inferno" is his writing. It is not gospel. It is the first part of his 14th-century epic poem, "The Divine Comedy."]

We have a lot of books on Heaven, few on Hell.. time to get it right


Anonymous said...

well I believe you have a great discussion Jesus said count the cost it's better to start than start and not finish. Hence pauls statement concerning us being bought in Corinthians and the comment in Hebrew 6 about those who did not honour the cost having had the opportunity to know beeter. I think one of the things I never see taught concerning the issue is one you are not your own and two salvation is the gift of God. the indwelling Holy Spirit whose temple we are. So God knowing the beginning from the end creates hell allows satan to exist tests 1/3 of the angels the lamb being slain before the foundation of the World an all knowing God again allows satan to exist. seeing a remnant of mankind to present to His Son so I now understand romans 9 and their could be no love without freewill having been able to respond and being granted the Holy Spirit to respond how just God is concerning those that rebel against the indwelling Spirit not considering the Blood that purchased them nor the lamb the Father provided let alone His very Spirit. So the question arises predestination according to God knowing every situation before creation. Thoughts..

Anonymous said...

Psalm 139:8
God reveals himself in many ways. for some in the new testament His presence bought their death....just as it did the priests in the old testament. I think many loose sight God new the beginning from the end and he set enmity between man and satan. As dereck prince points out the word tempter actually means tester. I think ministers need to present God as He is and Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the Father as He is the Word made flesh...all of it not just one covenant or their other. that's why we are told to take the whole council of It..

Vincenzo said...

A few years ago I had an ongoing correspondence with a Christian seer who said that hell is part of the second heaven, the realm where Satan was banished after his fall. The Lake of Fire however, is located outside of the known universe, in the furthest corner of the expanse. Those who are sent there will, after their debt is paid, be extinguished, annihilated, cease to be. Satan and the demons, however, because of the severity of their crimes and their endless cruelty and hatred, will be confined there indefinitely, no release for them.