Saturday, April 5, 2014

I heard an in depth interview with a white witch

 Dr. Evelyn Paglini.

 She is gone now, She died a few weeks ago and this was taped. She was telling how to use witchcraft to expel demons from your life and home.

To be clear I know the scriptures. I have used anointed handkerchiefs to transmit healing according to Acts 19:12. Not witchcraft. i have used oil to anoint the sick. Oil is oil. Even if you wipe some from the dipstick of your car, it will be as effective as some "special" oil in the hands of a Holy Ghost empowered saint of God. The effective oil of Anointing is because it is used by anointed holy people. It's the anointer not the oil. I believe in sign. It's good to have eyes to see things the Lord is showing. Just because a mirror breaks, doesn't hold forebodeing. Not everything that happens is a sign from God. Sometimes a license plate number is just a number. Sometimes when it says 4:44 on your clock it means that's what time it is.

YET... there is a convergence in the Body of Christ with witchcraft that bothers me. Some of what passes for Godly things are suspicious ... activities in the hands of a person who is a spiritual leader can become not just a distraction but white witchcraft.

Listening to the interview with the witch about casting out negative influences it sounded a lot like the kind of things I see and hear in many churches:

  • Burning candles and as the various candles burn read meaning into how they drip down. These were sold by the witch.
  • Lighting candles in memory or to carry prayers.
  • Fragrant oils being sold for anointing various things. Each fragrance being touted as effective for various things. Some for finding love, some for healing, some for peace, some for protection from demons and a dozen other various fragrant oils for different purposes. And all were blessed by the witch.
  • Tokens, left about the household to ward off demonic influence.. (of course the witch sold these). Also accounts of how magical items like valuable gems would appear in your home if you allowed for this by using the tokens.
  • Instructions on how to rid your home of evil... for sale of course.
  • Pronouncements from the witch of events about to happen... prophetic from a witch. I guess that can happen if you look at the witch of Endor.
  • Schemes on how you too can make money doing what the witch did...she would sponsor you in then you could sponsor others in. Witchcraft.
  • Special diets, potions and products made of herbs and spices to cure all kinds of illnesses.. all made from sound organic sources (which she could sell you).

How many of these things have you seen IN THE CHURCH? Too many

The world isn't looking for more and better witchcraft... they are looking for JESUS.

Let's forswear witchcraft! We are really stupid to have once again fallen for these foolish things. We are to be wise, and not like Manasseh who "used fortune-telling and omens and sorcery, and dealt with mediums and with necromancers. He did much evil in the sight of the Lord, provoking him to anger". 2 Chronicles 33:6

According to Acts 8 you can be a sorcerer like Simon and find greatness as a leader in your spiritual community and still be possessed of the Devil.

STOP NOW... walk away from dead works... death is in them.. Life is only in the Spirit of God

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Anonymous said...

2Ti 3:8. primarily denotes "a wailer" (goao, "to wail"); hence, from the howl in which spells were chanted, "a wizard, sorcerer, enchanter," and hence, "a juggler, cheat, impostor," rendered "impostors" in 2Ti 3:13, RV (AV, "seducers"); possibly the false teachers referred to practiced magical arts;
2Ti 3:8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.
That's just christians ministers and layman reprobate concerning the faith growing worse and we approach the Lords return wielding supernatural power and deceiving doctrines infiltrating Christian homes churches and even running ministries. As dereck prince observed years ago their are so few spiritual leaders and the charismatic movement has so many immature believers...many will be so unprepared they will be swept those that are Gods move into the realm of supernatural confrontation and public conflict concerning the supernatural....Professing leaders will be held to account even speculating in the message false religions the antichrist may come out of the charismatic movement and that movement become a breeding ground for the enemy to move about .....because many of the leaders themselves are so lacking in discernment and maturity they will walk purely according to their natural minds...