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Are You Sure THIS Is The Christian Life?.. Steve McVey.. Law will cause a person to say, ''Lord, help me to do the things you want

Are You Sure THIS Is The Christian Life?.. Steve McVey.. 

 Law will cause a person to say, ''Lord, help me to do the things you want me to do.'' In other words, ''Help me keep your rules.'' 

Grace will cause a person to say, ''Lord Jesus, I am abiding in You and You in me. Express Your Life through me in any way You desire.'' It isn't uncommon for Christians to think that God has a long list of things He wants His children to do. But in Thessalonians ::4 we read, ''He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.'' Not only does Christ call us to the Christian life, but He will also live it for us.  

When God determines to bring us to brokenness so that Christ can live His life through us and we keep trying to live it ourselves, things will keep getting harder. When does it stop? When we reach the end of our self-sufficiency and have given up all hope in our own resources. Peter Lord has said, ''Wouldn't it be awful to spend all your life trying to make God an apple pie, only to die and discover He never liked apple pie?'' To ask God to help us live for Him is to request some sort of divine blessing on our effort to ''do what He wants us to do.'' But that isn't what God desires. Being preoccupied with serving Christ more than with Jesus Himself is a subtle threat to every Christian. Self-effort is the essence of legalism. 

It is pointless to pray to God to help you to live for Him. That may be your goal, but it isn't His. ''Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is  light.''

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Anonymous said...

their is a balance considering the the letter killeth but the law of the Spirit gives life.
Usage of words in the New Testament alone (KJV):

The New Testament addresses the law nearly twice as often as it addresses grace!

The word “law”: used 223 times in 172 verses

The word “grace:” used 131 times in 122 verses
Usage of words in the Book of Acts (KJV):

The Book of Acts addresses the law twice as much as it addresses grace!

The word “law”: used 22 times in 21 verses

The word “grace”: used 10 times in 10 verses
Usage of words in the gospels (KJV):

The gospels address the law eight times as much as they address grace!

The word “law”: used 41 times in 35 verses

The word “grace”: used 5 times in 4 verses
While Paul did say the law is good if used lawfully but for the disobedient exct. The law of the Spirit should be the major emphasis as a form of religion denying the Power of speaks of no relationship. yet it is listed Israel is an example and in retrospect we can see what God did not like about how Israel treated Him for no one was justified by law and only Jesus fuflfilled ot. That being said It is written No servent is greater than their master. He sent the Spirit and as such He was led of the Spirit according to John He did what was revealed to Him to do and spoke that which He heard and I have read your blog long enough to see that the Holy Spirit is not in control in many churches.. So we have to go back to the six foundational Hebrews. I was reading today and looking at the original language. I wondered what elect was in the original language since the day will be drawn short lest the elect be deceived... it meant chosen and the elite..... I would think if someone where elite and had been converted for years. Not only would God be able to move through them in the gifts but they may have heard from Him.Over the last two years I have read articles by national ministers frustrated because when ask these questions a thirty % show of hands in a church is unusually high. have you ever heard the voice of God do you have any understanding of the six foundational doctrines listed as the milk of the Word in Hebrews....just 30 % if that....