Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mary DIDN'T Know

Usually at Christmas.. but often at this time of year you will hear the song, "Mary did you know". Sometimes when I hear the deification of Mary among some it grieves me. She was more mortal and human than most. When we sing this song we are placing a burden on a woman who SHOULD have known.. but missed it. She was in the Upper Room at Pentecost and not until she received the fullness of the Spirit of God was she fully awake spiritually. Once the scales fell from HER eyes, she was able to see with more clarity then she did before. That's the result of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Think of what Mary had seen and heard before the day of Pentecost. She had an angelic visitation that told her of the child to be born and HIS purpose. She had a confirmation from Elizabeth. At the birth of the Boy.. Shepherds, Angels, Wise Men all gave testimony to who this child was and IS.
Then the flight to Egypt. And return. Jesus in the Temple. Miracle at the Wedding feast. And then his ministry. She was among those who followed Him, at least later. Yet we see she and His brothers come to him and question Who HE was.

With all that. With the revelation that should have been Hers... (if she had been connected spiritually by the Baptism in the Spirit) she should have been comforting the disciples and the other two Mary's at the foot of the cross.

She had heard Him say, heard what was about to come. Yes it was painful.. so was bearing HIM in birth. Now a new Kingdom was being established. In pain yet in glory.

I wonder what kind of revelation came on her as the Spirit of God started putting the jigsaw puzzle of her life together. We don't hear much about her in the Book of Acts. She didn't do much else that we know of. There's no mention of her death in scripture. In a male centered culture that wouldn't be unusual.

The reality is, you today, live in a greater revelation than even Mary ever had. You see the Kingdom. You see it growing. You see people once again saying Hosanna. The King is no longer coming...HE CAME...

And we can now live in that Kingdom with the revelation of who HE really is... Hosanna. Mary didn't know, but you DO!!

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