Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Stench of Theoretical Christianity

Theory and Practice don't always go hand in hand. I am amazed at how people who have never done will preach and teach about it. I'm not saying pointing to truth in the Book even if you have not done it is not without merit, I am saying that if you know a truth but can't put it into positive action in your own life, perhaps it's time you test and prove it before you preach it with such conviction.

This has to do with people who teach on church growth who have never grown a church, church planting who have never planted even one, on marriage and have failed several times, on morality with secret sin in their lives, on prosperity while living in lack, on Glory while faking it up, on Leadership while being weak kneed. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but if you can't live it out, perhaps pretending you are is wrong too. Be like Paul...not that I have already attained...but....

How about a little less theory and a little more practice. You are the only gospel most people will ever read. They may never come to your church, your conference, read your books or face-book posts. BUT they will watch your life. They will see you succeed or fail in front of all of us. What are you exhibiting in your life that unbelievers will want to follow? IS the Kingdom REALLY alive in you or are you just touting untested theories?

I am for practical lived out Christianity. Not what I see so much around me.

Let's get REAL about what we are preaching and teaching. The old sage about, "Those that CAN, DO. Those that can't Teach and Preach" is true here. Sometimes you should just remain quiet about what you believe until you have earned the right to stand before men and proclaim that your theology works. EARN THE RIGHT!!

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