Saturday, November 5, 2011

Less is more - A prophetic word for our time - Rev Heather Butler

I Don't KNOW this prophetess, but she has touched a key to Provision and Protection. Read this word:

Stop seeing things from your own perspective, come up higher and see from my vantage point. Less is more during this season, it’s a season of great upheaval and change in many ways, and particularly in the way that the body of Christ perceives the circumstance surrounding them, and how they perceive me.

How do you think the disciples felt when I told them to take the fish and the bread into the crowds ? There were thousands gathered, and there was not enough in the natural way of things to go around, but I AM a supernatural God, and do not see things with your eyes, or act according to your limited knowledge and understanding of who I truly am, rather I see things from the fullness of who I AM , and am able to continually bless you during times of famine.

See with the eyes of faith this year, knowing not hoping, but knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that I am capable of conquering every act of the enemy raised up against you.

My kingdom dwells within you, the Spirit of God invested within you to do mighty exploits in my name.

How much oil did the widow have, only a little, and yet she had more than enough, so much that it was overflowing. I AM the same God yesterday today and forever, why do you doubt me! If I could do many things through those who followed my Son, so it is also a reality in your life now today.

Less is more, the less you have the more I am able to glorify myself in you, as I make provision far and beyond all that you can think or imagine. I know how to prosper you in every facet of your nature, and your life, so that you are able to share from the abundance of my love and my heart concerning those around you who are living in chaos and darkness.

This is a year for giving when in the natural you do not have much to give, but give of all that I require of you, share what you have in your hand even though it doesn’t seem like much at all, not just monetary, but of your time, your life serving Me and serving the people around you, see how I multiply it out amongst those I am sending you too.

You are to shine the light of Christ into the darkest moments of peoples circumstances so that they are able to see the way forward. Many are trapped, many are bound, many are sick and ill with worry and anxiousness, many are ill in their bodies, and in their minds, what have I placed within your hands to enable you to lead them out into the light out of bondage into freedom.

I know that you feel inadequate and small, but in that place of weakness I come and enable you to do far more in my name than you could ever have done before in your own strength, less is more, the little you have I will bless and enable you to find others who will place what little they have into your hands and so on until your basket it full of fresh bread everyday to feed a nation.

Don’t question how, simply know that I desire to meet faith with provision.

You have the answers to the cry of the heart of the people around you, you have the hope the faith the love and the truth to make a real difference in the towns and villages that you lives in. Its time to take hold of my truth, I say to you now “you go feed them!” You know that when you go I will indeed feed the hungry on every level of their lives.

Less is more, Lazarus had no breath in him, he lay dead in the tomb, as I reached into the grave and called him forth by the authority of My voice, I know what it took to raise him from the dead, and so it is with you, you don’t need to know how, only that I can and I will if you are willing to take me at my word.

Many watched, eyes wide open as Lazarus came forth, who could deny the truth of who I Am when he was raised up. And so it is with your word of testimony, you have a wonderful story to tell of how I saved you and set you free, your story powerful, its real, and it will reach into the depths of broken hurting lives and bring hope and deliverance from the hell they are living in. I AM.

Take the small voice that you hear in your heart, take what I say and act upon it, it may only be a still small voice but its powerful enough to shake the lives of those around you so that the grave clothes fall off and shackles are broken, and they come running out of the darkness of lives that were killing them, and leading them away from the truth. I AM the WAY The TRUTH the LIFE and know man comes to the Father but through ME.

Its time to re evaluate the way you think, the way you act, the way you talk, the way you see things around you, the way you react to those around you everyday.

Its time to understand what I'm really saying and speaking into your heart.

I don’t just want you to listen, I need you to HEAR my voice more clearly now than ever before. Take what I give you willingly, but do not store it up for yourself, rather release every provision to those around you. Learn to give, learn to share, learn to take responsibility for the household of the Father on the earth. Family matters, when you come together to give it is enough. Pray for all you need, and I will answer your prayers.


margaret said...

This is a good word. It reminds me of a wonderful song by the Christian group Downhere called "Little is Much". The lyrics go:

What is the measure of a life well-lived
If all I can offer seems too small to give?
This is a song for the weaker, the poorer
And so-called failures.

Little is much when God's in it.
And no one can fathom the plans He holds.
Little is much when God's in it
He changes the world with the seeds we sow.
Little is much, little is much.

Who feels tired and under-qualified?
Who feels deserted, and hung out to dry?
This is a song for the broken, the beat-up
And so-called losers.

Consider a Kingdom in the smallest seed.
Consider that giants fall to stones and slings.
Consider a child in a manger.
Consider the story isn't over.
What can be done with what you still have?

Laura said...

Excellent...confirms things the Lord has been speaking to my heart. To move out in faith, though I appear to have little, and use/offer what I have on behalf of the dying world around me. Thanks for posting!