Sunday, November 27, 2011

From Nancy Apostle

This world picks away at the very centre of your beings... demanding, demanding, demanding... deadlines to meet, rushing, frazzled, people, you go through motions, disconnected and numb.

Zombies, walking around believing you are successful because you have 2 cars, and a mortgage and can meet the demands for more things imposed upon your lives by the marketroids of the advertising gods.

Your kids have nice clothes with brand name labels, and you know some people who know some people...

Why then do you feel so empty and weary at the end of each day? Why do you have no energy to play, to laugh to dream?

"Oh, but I am living the good life! I am living the dream," you say, while your heart is locked a million miles away...

And you give yourself away, to people who don't care, who pay no mind that you're there... you give yourself away, in exchange for things that won't last, for all this world shall pass.

And then at last, your soul shall be required, maybe before you retire...and then what will you find as you leave all this world behind?

As you stand before Heaven's door... will you hear; "depart from ME evermore- I did not know you?" Or will you hear; "enter into the joy of your Lord, and all the Best that Heaven affords?"

The choice is yours, you choose it day by WHO will you give yourself away?

The same choice was given long ago as MYs chosen people before two mountains stood. Life and death, blessing and cursing... good and bad... seems so simple and yet they stood, wavering on which way they should...

Choose Life , Choose ME that was my plea... it is the same I give to thee. Choose life, Choose ME, I hold all the keys to your destiny. Give yourself away to only ME, for I've already given My heart to thee!

Will you sing this song to me?

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