Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Confession of a Christian Hedonist..I want to have FUN in Church...because God LIKES IT

God LOVES it when we ENJOY HIM.

Sunday Services can be a good time to do this. This can be when we are able to step back and watch him move as we respond to his presence. There are so many things that make some Church Services Extraordinary: When we WORSHIP for long enough to touch heaven, When we dance, run, shout, march (been a long time since we had a Jericho March), Laugh out loud, sometimes cry, prophesy, declare, cast out demons, minister deliverance, fall down, jump up, minister healing and in general refuse to be ordinary...just extraordinarily supernatural.

How did we ever get into the rut of 3 songs, a sermon (not too long now), announcements, a written or (ROTE) prayer, an offering and off you go --- all in under 55 minutes? No wonder our churches are emptying out.


It's time to start ENJOYING Church

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