Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Happens When the Money's All Gone? by Robert Blackburn

I'm already asking myself why I didn't leave this alone. I can't. We are so often naive. We've lived so long in abundance and well being, rocked to sleep by our successes and assured that we are the greatest and most powerful people on the planet. We're so busy focusing on a one world government, the anti-Christ, world events etc. that we are temporarily distracted by the reality that one day we could walk to the bank to withdraw funds or do our blessed on-line banking and there are simply no funds available, nothing.

We have lost all sense of monetary value and all common sense. Even the most unlearned of us know that you cannot continue to borrow and charge, you cannot forever spend more than you take in. Please, do not throw this Republican versus Democrat ideas on me and these distracting arguments on who has the best idea about our financial woes. Those in our leadership who are screaming the loudest just happen to be some of the richest people in the country. They are multi-millionaires and even billionaires and they fully intend on getting richer and fatter at our expense, no matter what they hawk. We are past that, way past that. We are foolish and unlearned and terribly in the dark about the money. Those who control it, manipulate it, float it, fluctuate it and own it smile gleefully as they consolidate, rake-in and buy up the world.

I am visiting a country where the currency once collapsed, when it took a wheel-barrow load of it to buy a loaf of bread. They are not as at ease as we are, they know the signs and they know just how precarious things really are even though at the moment their money is worth much more than ours. Think of that. Many of us do not even know that. Recently, our entire financial system almost collapsed and we just took that in stride as if it was just another day at the mill. I remember stopping abruptly one day and saying out loud, "this country's been robbed!" For the life of me, I kept seeing on a certain news channel where a printing press was printing money, and they kept showing this over and over. I finally asked someone, "why are they doing that, what does that mean." Subtle programming, the like of which has been occurring a long time now. Keep them watching A.I., send them more and more credit card applications, buy, buy, buy until you owe your soul to Slewfoot himself. Make it okay to live in debt the rest of your life, work until you literally drop dead and never, never pay off what you owe. Get rich quick, have everything you want now, not waiting until you earn it or deserve it. Having a good credit report became more important than having a good name or good character.

And because it did not all fall down then, we tucked in our belts, took a deep breath, blamed it all on the sitting president and said we'd wise up. Some of us did wise up but some of us lost everything, our house, our car, our jobs, our credit and those who didn't now hold their breath that their jobs don't fail tomorrow. Halt. A loaf of the good bread where I live now costs over four dollars and it's still going up. When you want to go on a trip, you must now inform your cc holder of when you are leaving and when you are coming back. Iris scans, facial scans, codes and more codes on Allies. And now I become one of those 'conspiracy theorists' they like to laugh and joke about, wacky doomsday person.

Apostolics, Pentecostals, Christians of all kinds, whatever you call yourself, listen to this. There is indeed a conspiracy going on in this world and we have known about it ever since we were old enough to read and hear scripture. We certainly know who is behind it, when it started and how it is going to end. God made sure we knew. We also know he was defeated by a Man hanging wide who went to hell itself and took away the keys and shouted loudly, "Give me back that which does not belong to you!" Hear me in the fear of God, the Holy Temple has not been rebuilt, the Gospel obviously has not been preached to the whole world and some of the Oil may have leaked out of our lamps.

We once sung and cited openly about remembering just where our treasure really is, that this world is truly not our home but we are just passing through. I guess it was easier back then when we didn't have much treasure to boast about. No fine cars or parsonages, no elaborate buildings or money in the bank. My God, being a preacher or pastor became a way to line our pockets and even become wealthy beyond our dreams. And I see a pair of dusty sandals.

So. What are we going to do about it. There's nothing we can do about it. The wheels are already set in motion. The day is far spent. We will help each other, it will be a matter of survival. This prosperity gospel craze has about run its course. When the money stops pouring in, those ministries will collapse, they have no real foundation. There may come a time when all we have left is the Gifts of the Spirit. I see Stephen smiling like an angel as the stones railed down upon him and his life slipped away. I see Paul standing up, brushing off his clothes when he was left for dead. I see Elijah running at the sound of an abundance of rain. And I see us, at a crossroads, standing on the edge, hearts beating wildly as we pull ourselves together for that one last leap of faith, the one some of us have watched and waited for so long.

Money is power. And the best way to usurp power is to control the money. Not many are interested in the way the world is being divided up into sections to be controlled by a select group. These people are already so powerful that they no longer care if we know about them, they are smug in believing there is nothing we can do about it anyway. Ask yourself how many were really held accountable and punished for the last widespread corruption and financial debacle and if nothing changes, nothing changes. Passing your hand over the scanner at the grocery may not be so far away. A cashless society is a goal being set even now. It is preferred and encouraged that we do everything on the computer, all done with the stroke of a finger. All of these wars are about money, they always have been. I cringe when I see pictures of extremely poor countries that don't even have clean drinking water but these poorly dressed men have expensive rifles and machine guns strung over their shoulders. They can't buy food but they have modern weapons and I don't have to ask anymore where they got these things. We free people sold it to their leaders or even gave them these in exchange for their natural resources. Today, there is almost nothing you cannot do with enough money. Our leaders are bought, our vote is bought, our regulatory agencies and inspectors of every kind are bought. And if one can control the geld then you can control all of them also. It's really already done.

It's not the money really. It's the way we've come to love it, making money and things more important than Him, idols if you please. And He doesn't like it. It's a world thing now and we are becoming a smaller player, stretched too far, owing our souls to those who do not have our best interest at heart and greedy to the extreme. Bigger barns for everybody.

The Church has to bow out of this and do it now. What happens and the speed at which it occurs depends on us. The longer we wait the more apathetic we become. The terrible wrath which God fully intends to pour out upon this world was not intended for us. However, the longer we argue and debate the return of full Apostolic power and squash the operation of true divine, scriptural leadership, the more we will taste and see these dark clouds and the troubles and disasters we are seeing and experiencing all around us. God will not rescue us when He has already given us the tools to rescue ourselves. The Holy Ghost fell and signs and wonders were done among us when we were poor as church mice. A line is being drawn. We are not to live in fear, that's an absolute fact, but we will if we do not have a firm grip on that supernatural power we say we have and operate and manifest it as it was fully intended. I will close by saying this. I don't recall people going hungry when miracles were being performed. Two fish and a little bread were multiplied, oil in the barrel never ran out and when the money's all gone, we know a man who owns the cattle on a thousand hills! But, we must do our part. The world is depending on us. Isn't that what we once taught. Let those who scoff and mock and put there positions, their influence and control issues ahead of God and his people, let them do whatever they want. But there is a remnant, those who can never forget, and I want to be among them. I simply must be! Let the truly called arise, those who were appointed for this hour, speak with the power of Heaven behind you. This beginning of sorrows can become the beginning of the greatest move of the Spirit this planet has ever known. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!


Stephen said...

Gene, who is Robert Blackburn? Does he have a website or blog I can visit?

Gene said...

I found him as a post on Facebook.!/profile.php?id=100000131301337&sk=wall

He is open on his it's worth looking at