Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Moderate sinners are modest in sin

They do not commit all sins at all times

They do not rob God always

They do not steal everything at-a-go

Neither do they totally reject religion

Only God determines their worth

Even the heavenly Judge who is just

He will neither lie nor waver in judgment

Moderate sinners are `rational' sinners

Moderate sinners enjoy secret sins

They cleverly conceal their evil deeds

They prove smarter than any earthly watcher

Moderate sinners are hopeless gamblers

Whose foolishness will soon be revealed

They tell lies with ease and comfort

They reject the truth with tacit hate

In their heart lies the wicked, ol' serpent

They are of the stock of Reuben of old

They are ever unstable as seawater

They shall never excel in life

Their love for the Scriptures is selective

They hate God but love His prosperity

They use the Bible to establish lust

They are twisted philosophers indeed

Truly, they are perverse counselors

"If you drink, don't drive," they say

"If you drive, don't drink" they exhort

They plead against immorality, not because it is evil

But because of HIV/AIDS and STD's

They advise men to play safe and use condom

Evil homosexuals are referred to as "gay"

Their abominable evil as "Alternative Lifestyle"

Moderate sinners are the worst of hypocrites

They pursue worthless vanities with modesty

Moderate sinners will die twice and forever

They are candidates of hell whose abode is in Hades

They are people who claim that too much of sin is bad

The eternal consequence and gravity of sin they know not

But Christ died for all, moderate sinners inclusive

If all men will value what Christ did, they will hate sin


Culled from HOPEFUL THOUGHTS, a compendium of spiritual poetry by OLUFUNSO J OMIDIRAN

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