Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prophetic Windshield Musings

I am traveling this week on business.

Alone in the car, radio off, no music, no talk. I am alone with a steering wheel in my hand.

Sometimes these windshield times yield some interesting downloads.

Today was no different. I heard the Lord Say:

Be careful with the revelation I give you. Don't cast your pearls before swine. Some swine are religious users who will use the revelation I give you to manipulate others. Some revelation is just for you.

I am always forgiving. I am always restoring. I will always make you whole. Even when I am quick to forgive, the consequences of your disobedience will continue. When Nathan came to King David, the first thing God said was he was forgiven, but there were consequences. Don't confuse forgiveness for avoidance of consequence.

The turning point for churches now in decline came when the focus moved from the presence of God in my people to the presence of people on a platform. (He stirred in me remembrances of days in vigorous churches when a tongue, an interpretation of tongues, a prophecy, a word of wisdom, a Psalm, a Hymn, a Spiritual song would arise spontaneously from the people and not from the platform)
My people were designed to be vessels thru which I manifest by my Spirit. If any place or people quenches that Spirit flow I will remove the Glory from them. They become a work of pure corruptible flesh and die.

Sometimes these times in quiet teaches. Thank You Jesus!

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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

a quiet moment with you and God,,i leave it at that...