Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bill Hamon: Awake! Prepare! It's Coming!

We are about to move to a new level the Church has never functioned in before –Dr. Bill Hamon
Bill Hamon

The prophetic Scriptures reveal that the Day of the Lord's mighty visitation on earth will produce major manifestations:

For the World (those that are not God's people): "A day of darkness and gloominess" (Joel 2:2); "Darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness will cover the people" (Isaiah 60:2); and "Everything will be shaken" (Hebrews 12:26-27).

For God's People: A manifestation of God's glory like the bright dawning of a new day, and a Kingdom which cannot be shaken (see Joel 2:11-12; Isaiah 60:1-3; Hebrews 12:28).

The Lord Jesus decreed the beginning of the third and final Church reformation in 2008 (read on The Elijah List here).

The First Reformation began to be manifested at the water baptism of Jesus and continued on to the birthing of the Church and its establishment to the ends of the earth. The Second Reformation started with the Protestant movement in 1500 which brought the Church out of a 1,000-year Dark Age to full restoration. Nine restoration movements culminated in 2007 with The Saints Movement, which launched the Church into its Third Reformation, just as the Protestant Movement launched the Church into its Second Reformation.

Jesus told His disciples that they needed to wait until they received the Holy Spirit's gift, which was their own spirit language, before they were to begin fulfilling God's purpose for the First Reformation. The spirit language, working like a hydro-electric or nuclear power plant, produced the power that enabled the Saints to fulfill the great commission in the First Reformation.

After I wrote the book that describes my revelation of the Third Reformation, God spoke to me that the Church again needs empowerment in order to fulfill His purpose. Therefore I wrote a book on the power and purpose of God giving the Church members their own spirit language, 70 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues.

God is getting ready to release His glory, power and wisdom upon the Church. The first to receive will be those who have passed the three years of testing since the beginning of the Third and Final Reformation in 2008.

Zechariah 12:8, On that day the LORD will shield those who live in Jerusalem, so that the feeblest among them will be like David, and the house of David will be like God, like the angel of the LORD going before them. Zechariah 12:8 is about to be activated in Christ's overcomers. We are about to move to a new level the Church has never functioned in before.

Daniel dreamed (in chapter 7) of four beasts. One prevailed against God's holy people until the Ancient of Days made a judgment in favor of His people and they possessed the Kingdom (v. 22). In the same way, God is making a declaration in the Heavens against the devil, in favor of the Saints, that initiates the time for us to begin possessing and demonstrating the Kingdom. We must possess until the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our Lord Jesus and His Church. (See Revelation 11:15; Daniel 7:27, 2:34-35, 44-45; Psalm 103:13.)

"Wake Up!"

Jane Hamon was recently awakened by an angel shaking her shoulder forcefully, saying, "Wake up!" She felt God was telling her that He is calling the Church to "Wake up!" Also, she felt it is very important that we know all of the "wake up" Scriptures, because they apply to us at this time. Get ready to wake up and participate by using your spirit language, which God gave the Saints to fulfill the first, second and now the third and final Church reformation.

Everyone needs to be knowledgeable of what is taking place in God's timing and purposes for the Church on earth. I want you to be informed and empowered. I encourage you to read my latest two books: "Prophetic Scriptures Yet to Be Fulfilled" (reveals the Third and Final Reformation) and 70 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues (which shows you how to use the Holy Spirit gift of your own spirit language to be empowered, enlightened and properly prepared to participate).

The only safe place with a future is in the Kingdom of God. While everything in the world is failing, God's Kingdom will be prospering and producing the glory that shall fill the Earth as the waters cover the sea. Prepare and participate to receive God's abundant power and provision for producing His purpose on earth. Amen!

In His Service,

Dr. Bill Hamon, Founder and Bishop
Christian International Ministries


propheticexpressions said...

thanks so much for posting this and seeing he prophesies my ears are jumping wide ty

Sean said...

I attend my general assembly convention ( House of God Church- Keith Dominion) in nashville tn. June 15-24 this month. The same words came forth. God is speaking in this hour of birth pains era. I notice even in church gatherings of spirit-filled believers the glory of the Lord is getting heavier. Wow! Thank u prophet gene for this blogsite its always good to know the movements of God in this hour! Be bless - Rev. Sean