Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Going into war unprepared - WHY?

The body of Christ in the western world is unprepared for what is coming. When it comes most will fall away. There will be a few, many fewer than you can imagine that will make it thru.

This is why the teaching of a rapture is so popular. We won't HAVE to go thru. We will just be taken out. It's not true. I wish it were. The ark of Noah is a picture of our preparation in Faith to prepare for the flood to come. We will experience the rain, we will feel the storm, but if we are ready we will not be overwhelmed. The Ark of God in our life is his presence and our trust in HIM alone. That is our passing thru the deep waters to come.

The time of trouble will cause most people who name the name of Jesus nominally to become animalistic. People will be in Church dancing raising their hands one day and rioting in the street looting and even killing the next day when the trouble hits. We saw this after Katrina in a small way. It will be much worse. Look at Greece. We are going to see much worse.

The time of trouble will reveal the true believers. Sadly, the church in the west has failed to prepare their members to be ready. Many church folks have trusted in government to deliver them. Many are trusting in gold and silver. Some are trusting in a job, a pension, social security or some other supply without understanding that when the troubles come these will all stop.

Governments will fall. Anarchy will prevail --- for a while. IF you aren't on the solid rock you will not make it. This will be the time when persevering Christians will shine. The world will need, even want, hope. It won't come by preaching...it will come by example. The time for preaching will be over. They must see our victorious life. That comes by preparation.

NOW is the time for Christian leaders to prepare their people to stand above the times of trouble. To be strong and courageous. To walk in true faith - not emotion. To be prepared to take places of spiritual leadership in a world that will face a vacuum at the top.

The primary mission must be that the Christian must demonstrate the benefits of absolute reliance on the provisional and protecting GOD. One who can and will meet every need. One who will supernaturally provide when everyone else is falling apart. OF course there will be persecution and abuse. There will be people who come against Christians. BUT the evidence will be so strong as Christians rise up in the catastrophe people will be drawn in. Unfortunately so few will shine that those who do will be placed quickly in positions of authority and leadership.

This is why people must lean the secret of Protection and Provision. Not for now...although that is important...but for the days to come. They must live it now because later will be too late to learn it.

I have an optimistic view of the world to come. I am hopeful. That optimism is not based on positive faith ...but in God bigger than any negative news that will come. It is not faith to hide our head in the sand and hope our circumstances get better. It is faith to believe God who is greater than our circumstances.

I have offered to share this with those who have ears to hear. I have shared this already in several places. I will share it freely with whomever would want to prepare the saints for whom they are responsible as a pastor/leader. It's time. Get Ready. Help get your people ready.

There is great victory after those days of trouble...if you survive. You won't be of much value in the kingdom dead or defeated. Rise up oh church!

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Ron McK said...

This is a good word. Better than the one you quote from Bill Hamon. He is right that God's glory will be manifested, but it is disingenuous not to say that the glory will be released through suffering. He must know that, if he is a prophet.