Monday, June 6, 2011

Before HIS Time - and maybe yours?

I knew I was a Prophet for years before it became public. People just automatically began calling me Prophet Gene. Before I even said the word.

Not because I had a visit from heaven. But because I found myself constantly in that place. In ministry I would operate from that position. In preaching I would gravitate towards that subject.
Isaiah. Ezekiel. Daniel. Jeremiah.

Then the Holy Ghost downloads started. Hands were laid on for release.

Yet I stayed under the radar. I tried hard not to promote the office God had called me into.

BECAUSE it was not yet my time. More important not yet HIS time.

Many ministers are derailed because they try to step up and step out before their time.

Jesus, the Christ, God as Man, King of Kings understood this.
"Dear woman, why do you involve me?" Jesus replied. "My time has not yet come." John 2:4
This statement at the Wedding at Cana. Jesus had the ability. He knew who he was. He could do whatever he decided to do. YET...My time is not yet come.

Too many ministers derail...decommission...deter the call of God on their lives by trying to step out before release comes.

It came for me in the basement of a dingy church in a wet cold winter's night when a Prophet laid hands on me some years ago and spoke release. Nothing has been the same since.

Don't get ahead of God. It's not about education. It's not about preparation, although you must be prepared. It's about ascension.

That's the gift a prophet is.

Stay in the secret place UNTIL.....Your time.

I was in my 50's when it came.

Long Suffering is a Fruit of the Spirit


Sean said...

Yes Lord!!!! Please touch and agree with me for the "glory" to visibly show up in my prayer closet.It happen in a dream July 2009 at 430am.Wow! it was amazing Gene!!!I'm like the bride waiting. My sister had a dream about me before that date. I was at church and the pastor ask me to do the altar call. I bow on my knees and begin to intercede and she seen the "glory" move from the front and cover the back of the church.I said "wow"!! So i come to the prophet (Gene) and inquire of thee because u have been in a place (Heaven) where i need to go but i am waiting on the one that has NO start or finish. Well thank u for ur time and patience - Rev.Sean

Girl Cute! said...

Thanks for share.......!

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