Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Prophetic Marriage

Sometimes experience is not always the indicator of success. I know a lot of people who have several DUIs and are very experienced at it, yet they would not be considered success. Same with folks that spend a lot of time in jail. Expereience without success.

Sometimes expereince is success and from that some lessons can be learned.

Today is 43 years of marriage. Ups, downs and in between for Peggy and me. She's great, me, not so much.

But, from all that there came a little booklet that to date has generated about 1500 copies and has been given to a lot of married and soon to be married couples. If men and women entering into or pursuing matrimony had a grasp of these life lessons, maybe, just maybe, we would have fewer divorces.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about one couple's marriage experiences and how that relates to the prophetic revelations in the Word of God, look at this.

Thank God for long suffering, Peggy towards me. 43 years on the way to forever together as Paul Harvey used to say.

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God Bless you Man and Woman of God.