Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A word of Prophecy from a Trusted Prophet... comments?

From Shebna to Eliakim, fearful, carnally-led, following flesh to courageous, depending on and following Him, clothed in righteousness & purity, as His priests and ministers must be. (Is 22)
1 sam 2:35. he will raise up and ordain that priest who will do according to what is in His heart & mind.

Leadership will go to those who have proven faithful to His voice, obedient to His word (written & spoken,) who have pursued understanding of Him and the signs of the times - what is He doing and how do I align myself with Him in this hour? I DON'T WANT TO MISS HIM! What in me has to change so that I am where I need to be? Listening and obeying, radical for Him-

Shift in worship from 'me' songs & gentle Jesus, sweet but not in this hour, to radical worship, proclamations, new song, declaring and bringing in His Kingdom in the land. From carnally-led and carnal-minded to Spirit-led worship - this is His hour! Move over and let Him do it His way! (See his words to Shebna!) He will only bless as we work in concert with Him, following His lead. He will no longer bless 'our thing,' however pretty & musically perfect it is! Hay & stubble!!!

From fearful and ignorant, esp of 'New Age' etc, to understanding & cooperating with the other compnent of the army of God - the angelic realm!! It is America's time! Don't call the angels off assignment because you're not speaking the Word for them to carry out and miss it! Even if only a few start to move in this, the wave will begin and build... small beginnings still produce a tsunami when He breathes on it! All the better when there isgreater understanding of God's Kingdom ways.

From milque-toast to courageous! see Shebna again- running while the enemy was still far away!
He says, 'Be of good courage! Stand firm! Stand still and watch me deliver you from your enemy before your very eyes! And IT'S ALL ME!' Ready and excited to take the battle behind enemy lines, to plunder the enemy's camp- courageous men & women who will take off the head of the enemy, plunge a sword through him, do exactly as commanded, and cover one another's nakedness when necessary.

Shift from doing in our own strenth (hay & stubble) to allowing Him to be our only Source and flowing out of that. Living in concert with the rhythm of heaven - understanding all that and living there, producing eternal fruit and treasures unknown. in the flow- where the church didn't even know there was a river waiting, never mind getting in and drowning in it....

Shift from blaming the enemy for our trials to recognizing God's hand and embracing His purifying fire- yielding rapid growth, divine acceleration in our lives. line upon line, precept upon precept, from glory to glory - and quickly! growing into maturity, into the fullness of who we are, Christlikeness. (check out precept in your concordance! it's exciting- David was all over it!!)

As leadership in the Body and in worship shifts to where He wants to go, having a well-grounded understanding of and hunger for His Kingdom, the sheep will be well fed, secure and ready to be who they are called to be. There will be ready impartation of truth and of life-giving words that challenges, fans flame, causes hunger for more, and the Body will arise - 'I knew there was more!'
And Kingdom will come, His power and glory manifested, and the real harvest will begin!!!

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