Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prophets are non profit so they are not profitable to the Church

Here's a truth born of experience.

If there's no money in it for the church, they aren't interested.

I know that seems harsh. But I have noticed that unless a prophet is prophesying good times acomin, unless a prophet is all happy all the time there's no place for him.

And, Prophets cause problems. They can say or do things that are just plain a hassle.

So, most churches avoid engaging or acknowledging the prophetic. This to their downfall. I don't need nor want a platform, but in my experience, unless I'm bringing money in the door I'm not wanted or needed.

If I get that, it means a prophet who doesn't turn a profit for the church is shunted aside for one who does.

I'll bet that was the same internal theology the table holders in the outer court changing money that Jesus had to drive out had as an operating procedure.

I think I'll stick with Jesus.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

"I think I'll stick with Jesus."

Me too! Aren't you glad He stuck it out for us?