Monday, July 20, 2009

Prophetic Silence

I saw this in a post on Open Heavens. Good stuff and true. Sometimes it's good to just be quiet.

There is a characteristic that is common of true prophets. They realize to be silent when God is not really saying much of anything at all is every bit as important as speaking up when the Lord wants a true word from His heart to go forth. They are willing to pay the price to do either one. They aren’t running around with a “prophet’s itch”. There are times when God just sets a prophet on the shelf, and for His own arbitrary reasons chooses to use someone else. So, what are you supposed to do?? Strain until you reach the string to the lightbulb in your brain, pull it on and see what brilliance cometh forth from cerebral gymnastics? No. Just simply be quiet. That’s all. Be quiet.
I know that as a prophet I am to be willing to say what God says, nothing more or less. If he isn't saying anything, then what should I say?

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Sadly, some are in love with the sound of their own voice!

Perhaps in the beginning of God using someone, the person might just gush out of the pure joy of being used, much the way a toddler explores his expanding universe. But one doesn't stay a toddler, one matures and learns self control and awareness of others and how to interact...

All the gifts are given to Glory God and to Equip the Saints for the WORK of the ministry. (Purpose, focus, reason.) They are not to spotlight the one being used! They are to spotlight GOD, where our focus should be anyway.