Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dreams of MY Father

Barack Obama wrote a book. Dreams of my father.

I thought about it from a prophetic standpoint. What dreams does MY FATHER have for Me, for the world he created, for his purposes?

I tend to think that it's still a deferred dream.

Dream on Daddy, it CAN and WILL happen if not on earth, in heaven. Thy will IS done.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Reminds me of that Gaither song: "I am a promise, I am a possibility, I am a promise with a capital P I am a great big bundle of Potentiality!"

Gloria Copeland has an audio message entitled "God's Dream for Mankind." Highly recommend it.

Perhaps you have heard that saying about being a spark in your Daddy's eye? We were a spark in our Heavenly Father's eye. A dream conceived in the chambers of His heart from whence we came and will always belong (whether we return home to occupy that empty spot or not.) We were and still are the Apple of His eye.

We need to dream big dreams- let the ones He has created dominate and fill us and propel us into our Destiny.

MLK spoke out " I have a dream..." I believe God whispered that dream into his heart. What is God whispering to YOUR heart???

My personal motto for years now has been " Only God knows how He will touch the world, using my hands." I found it on the back of a Guideposts card years ago and it thundered in my spirit. It still does.
I echo you Gene in saying- May His Great Heart be satisfied and fulfilled in and through me. Amen.