Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Prophetic Word for North Dakota

A few weeks ago a friend asked me to ask God what he might want to say to North Dakota. I did and boy did I get a download. This is for him and for anyone who cares about the state of North Dakota. If people really understood the Prophetic, they would take this even more seriously than anything the Governor would say. This is the King speaking. Sigh.

But, this is what I heard the Lord say regarding North Dakota in the first week of July 2009:

You were created and positioned for a unique purpose.

I purposed you to to be and complete your full destiny, and you will as you stay in ME.

Staying in my purpose in you, oh land, as it is revealed in all creation, you cannot fail.

Failing is a choice you make when you choose to enter into things and arenas you were never meant to be part of.

Ask Carefully and I will show you the hidden treasures locked up in you.

You are a state that SENDS. A state that develops and sends to the nations products, resources, innovations and people. It is a sowing and reaping, as you send you receive back more.

There is a spirit of slumber that has fallen on you. Awake. Stupor desires to contain you. Look, I gave you a young land full of promise, a land that longs to be awakened to a spirit of youth and vigor. The spirit of slumber and sloth must be shaken off. You were never purposed in me to be like you have become.

There will be great changes, geophysical changes, to come. You have seen the birth pangs. Slowly the seasons change and they are not what they were. This change means you must learn to prosper in the new. The word is Colder and Wetter.

These changes present new opportunities. Learn of me and I will show you new ways of prosperity.

You have been given much and much is expected....much.

Anything you try to hold for your own purposes will eventually possess you, become your God. I am Jealous and will remove it, take it away. Look again at Me and what I have give you. See again what you have. Look to the one who gave it to you.

See to the sojourner among you. There are many. Those who come. Those who leave. Treat them as I commanded in my word regarding those who sojourn among you. Treat them as I command and in doing so you will be entertaining angels, angels sent to bless and provide for you.

The sin of inhospitable treatment of those sojourners among you has become a curse.

Do not say, we are unique, we are unusual. I created you to be a place of outpouring but I can only pour in as you pour out. I will flow thru those who will flow with ME.

A word for those in authority and government:
Your pattern in governing must not be as other states are, for you are not a state as other states are. In fact you are not a state as a state is thought of in most states.

You are simply a wide spread mid sized city like Columbus or Cincinnati. You are a wide spread single county in most populous states. Do not pattern yourself after states in governance. You are not a state at least in the requirements of governance.

Lean to be what you are, and be that with confidence toward the future.

Pattern yourself in tens and hundreds for that is what you truly are.

Live within the prosperity I created you to have. There should be none among you in want, none in need. And, you can do this without a burden of tax on the people. If you understood MY purpose in you, you would flourish.

You can become a city of refuge in a dark place. You can become a Cave of Abdulum if you have a leader with a heart like David.

Many would come and many would stay if they could see the promise of the gift I created you to be.

There is a mask placed on the face of the state and it's leaders. It's a mask trying to be something and someone I never called you to be. Do not look to the pattern of other states, look to me to show you.

Your calling in me is your anchor. You will set yourself adrift if you leave your call.

Return to your call.

AND a vision of the economy in North Dakota and the rest of the country as spoken by Rev Tim Redlin:

I see the national and even global economy as a large group of cars on the Autobahn in Germany. Each car represents large cities and states. Automobile North Dakota is at the back of the traffic. The traffic in the front is slowing. There have been some derailments. There have been some upsets and accidents. The front cars slow and some stop. Yet North Dakota moves along. It hears on the radio of the slowness of the traffic and says, "we are not affected". North Dakota moves along briskly as the rest of the traffic slows and stops.

Just wait. In a little while, North Dakota comes to the traffic jam. It slows and even stops for a time. It sits and hears on the radio about how some state and city cars have broken away from the jam up and are beginning to accelerate. Now the bravado that said we are not affected is saying, why are we stuck and everyone else seems to be doing well.

It's a blessing and curse of being at the back of the pack. When the rest stop you go, when they go you get stuck. It has always been that way.

Don't try to catch up. Take the selah of this time and learn of ME.

That is the word of the Lord for North Dakota.


joylstein said...


I just bumped into this!


I have not read all but I love the prophetic!

I live in North Dakota!

Do you have a WORD for me?

joylstein said...


I just bumped into this word for North Dakota!

It caught my attention as I am from ND!

I love the prophetic and I know that Jesus has so much more and I want it!

Are you a prophetic teacher?

I would love to learn more!