Friday, July 31, 2009

Word of Prophecy - Word of Destiny

As a prophet sometimes the role I am called to play in ministry is to proclaim a person, a church and even a nation's destiny in God.

That proclamation does nothing if the person, the church or the nation closes it's ears.

It's been ever thus. Read the Prophets of Old. They faced exactly the same issues. God had to put his prophets in some pretty unusual, uncomfortable and unconventional situations and configurations to get the message across. And most of the time it was rejected. Ignored.

It wasn't that they doubted the prophet. It was that the word wasn't smooth and ear tickling.

I love when I am allowed to proclaim a positive word of destiny over another person's life. I really do.

I did so last night. To one of the Elders at the Church. It rattled him. God's vision for him is so much greater than he even understands. I wish every word of prophecy was ever thus.

A word of Prophecy is often a word of Destiny. A word of Destiny is always prophetic.

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