Monday, May 2, 2016

The Battlefield that No One Loves

People constantly talk about spiritual warfare.  Declarations, prayer, mighty words of God.

That's all true and effective, but the enemy knows where the real battlefield is.. It's in YOUR MIND.  He will do all he can to confuse, misdirect and pollute your mind.  It's subtle enough. It happens because we live in a culture designed to deceive.  Media and entertainment are pipelines to get you off track.

It isn't easy.  Some decide they will allow zero influence.  No TV. No Internet, No Magazines or Newspapers, No Movies, Little Radio and carefully selected books. That will work for a while but when a virgin mind is all at once set upon later in life by these foxes looking to spoil the vine.. things fall apart.  Not of the world, but not in it either.  Unengaged.

The stories of people protected and then suddenly tricked into capitulation is the thing of legend.  People who never come of age, are unprepared to the age to come.

There is a shelter.  It's clear from scripture.  Under his wings.  Wearing the Full Armor of God.  Washing and regeneration by his word.  Yet.. it isn't easy. It isn't simple.  Those things are right and useful but the attacks won't stop just because.  You have a shield because fiery darts are going to come.

Resisting the devil till he flees is not easy, it is the stuff of spiritual warfare.  Defying temptation and deception is a constant engagement.  We must never ever give in or give up and when we do (which we most certainly will, even the Apostle Peter did and he walked with Jesus) we have to get up and go on.  Defeat is only experienced when we give up.

If the enemy can't get to you when you are awake and aware, he will often torment you in dreams or visions.  He will create fear, doubt, discouragement and defeat.  You will sometimes wake and feel like you are dragging an anvil.

This is the stuff of Christian Maturity.  It is the warfare we must do battle in till the day we die.  It seems like it gets more difficult, but some of that is the awareness that those not so engaged don't see.

The Lord says this:
I have overcome the world, I have overcome the tribulation in it, you can be of good cheer.  Yet, your enemy is roaring around looking for potential victims.  He sees you as one and will try, yes you are victoriou8s and you will defeat him, but he looks for the places your armor is not yet fully covering.  Stay steady, when you fall don't stay down, get up and run to the giants in your life. Run to the battle..for hiding from it will only keep you in defeat.  

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