Friday, April 29, 2016

When Good News Prophets Face Bad News

Somewhere along the way the idea that all new testament prophets were supposed to only be:
  • Encouraging
  • Hopeful
  • Consistently Positive
  • Bearers of Good News
  • Affirming
  • Only Building Up... (guess they missed that part in Jeremiah Chapter 1)

This came because modern prophets sometimes had to tell the truth about a situation and warn or prepare people for events that were about to take place.  God gave these prophets the ability to see things coming, to know, to understand.  The church world didn't want to hear it.  They wanted good news.  When David Wilkerson wrote "The VISION" back in the 70s it was so painful no one wanted to hear it.  He saw and warned, but people ignored to their peril.

The churchianity world wants to keep God's mouthpiece in a box and unpack only those things that are positive.

So what is a prophet who is supposed to only bring good news according to them supposed to do when he or she clearly sees bad news coming?  Bad news that could be made better if people turned from the direction they are going.  Stay silent and later say, "I knew that"?  Should the prophet simply smile and say everything is going to be fine.. when it's not?

The real problem is the smoke, mirrors and clutter of false prophesy.  It's everywhere.  Books about moons, shemitah, end times, signs and proclamations of apocalypse taints the reality of the prophetic.  Interpretation of scraps of scripture creates crowds and love offerings.  It's fun stuff to the phony prophetic.  It causes people to close their ears to genuine prophetic utterance.

As a prophet when I see bad news coming, I will try to couch what I see in terms people will be able to accept.  I warn of the times to come.  I offer hope for the days after the tragedy.  I help people prepare for a change coming they may not want to see or experience.  Preparation is prophetic responsibility.  Watchmen warning from the wall.

I do this because my hope is people will heed the warnings and turn from the direction they are going.  That they might step back from the brink of disaster on the horizon.  Many prophetic visions are "This will happen unless you turn away from that".  "If My people will humble themselves....etc"

On a personal level it's easier.  People are willing to hear. There's no need to be harsh to slap people around with words.  It's best to gently help them into seeing what is coming.  Those are the best.  It's a matter of accountability.

On a corporate level, it's not so hard.  When I bring prophecy to a church, it's always a two edged sword of truth.  Here's the promise, here's the price, you must choose.  Hold the Promise of God before them and ask for action to relieve the potential promise.

On a national level, dealing with large numbers of people, not in a church setting, a large audience, on line many times it's more difficult to be discrete.. that takes clarity where nuance must be set aside.  The true prophets of God I know and respect are pretty direct.  They say it as they know it. They speak to leaders who have the capacity to do something about all this.  Gatekeepers must be warned of the coming warfare.

That is the call of a prophet when it is a national concern, prepare the leaders.  Help them see what role they have in helping the people of God under the sound of their voice get thru what is coming.

In the last election cycle of 2012 as President Obama was re-elected I warned many before the election that there would be radical negative results when he won re-election.  It wasn't about politics. It was seeing the demonic forces behind his re-election that we now see manifest in the last 3 1/2 years. The demons of racism, homosexuality as a norm, freedom of speech and religion openly challenge, rise of Islam globally and in our country, Invasion over our borders, the economic disasters, abortion as almost a sacrament, the whole LBGT bathroom thing, global discredit of the USA. How fast and furious have all these things been.  The demons released have run wild.  People that have experienced this are in a shock of denial.  That is has always been this way.  It hasn't.  Memories are too painful to reflect.

Before the votes were cast, even when all the polls were saying Romney would win, even when Obama was saying goodbye to people he worked with expecting to lose, I told many national leaders privately to prepare for the tragedy that would be his second term.  That he would be re-elected.  People think this is political.  It's not.  It's the ability to see what was coming.  It is warning of our coming exile.  Dutch Sheets prophesied at that time said he saw several demonic releases as the votes were taken and the manifestations we see now were released.  Let me be clear, it is not that Obama is himself an evil man, he is a slave to the demonic influences that surround him.  He has been led to slaughter and disgrace.  We are all poorer for it.

Now I have been shown what is about to happen in the months to come as the most important election of this generation is about to take place.  A watershed. I won't reveal it here, I will once again warn leaders.  It isn't what I hoped for. It isn't what I desired on a personal level. It is what will take place.  We are about to go into a new cycle of change without hope.  I don't know why we place faith in people without vision or shared values.  I don't understand what causes good people to embrace vessels who have no capacity for effectiveness. 

I want to be a good news prophet.. but when I see bad news coming.. I must tell it... or what's a prophet for.  Sorry churchianity, you can't embrace good news alone.. sometimes you need truth, even if you don't want it.


Kathy said...

I have seen the writing on the wall and I think that I do have to speak up and try to tell others of what's to come. So many are just blind to reality. Thanks Gene for being honest and warning us to turn away and rethink our thoughts on this upcoming election.

Ron McK said...

It looks like America will have a choice between a clown and a knave.
It would be wiser to choose a clown, as he would expose the futility of a combining multiplicity of states and expecting one man to lead it. No human could can the expectations that are put on the American president.

If the clown is elected,
He will have a great and triumphant inauguration,
because he is skilled at entertainment
but he will struggle to put together a skilled cabinet/administration.
the leaders of congress will mock him and refuse to cooperate with his plans.
and create a terrible fuss
He will not be able to go to war.
The leaders of other nations will laugh at him,
He will be unable to fulfil his plans
and it will seem like the country is run by impotent clowns.
But strangely enough,
life will better than it was before him.

If the nation chooses the knave
she will put together a competent administration
but she will react to an external threat
by starting a war that will cripple the nation
An internal threat will allow her to seize extensive powers
that will set the nation on a dangerous path.

Anonymous said...

"Now I have been shown what is about to happen in the months to come as the most important election of this generation is about to take place. A watershed. I won't reveal it here, I will once again warn leaders."

So us peons don't get a warning? What happened to "if a watchmen sees danger and does not blow the trumpet..." Only so-called "leaders" get warned? Huh? What also happened to "God is not a respecter of persons..."