Saturday, May 14, 2016

Get away from them chickens

We all know the sayings about if you want to soar like the eagles you have to stop hanging around with the chickens. 

Yet, many do. Many hope to soar but can't get out of the chicken yard.  Their vision can be driven by the desire to hang out with the familiar.  People around you will either build you up or bring you down.  It's not their problem, it's yours.  I am not suggesting that you get rid of old friends. I am suggesting you upgrade the quality of those who speak into your life. 

Some people without intending it are messengers of defeat.  They will tell you what they think you want to hear. They can cast doubt where faith would better be spoken. They are sometimes dream killers. 

Some are those holdovers from long ago, even grade or high school.  Some are former associates.  Some are from the neighborhood.  You will know that you are stuck when you find yourself talking like and talking about back in the day.  Living in the past.  That is not your destiny.

Your next breakthru will come at the hands of the people around you.  Friendliness and approachable behavior will allow you to come into where God wants you to be. You need to expand the tent pegs of your relationships.  Far out. Far from the comfort zone you are in right now.

This is not only true professionally, this is true in spiritual things.  We all know that once a person gets saved we try to get them to understand they can't go back to the old clubs they used to frequent, they can't go back to hang out with their old pals and gals.  They can't keep hooking up.  It's going to take separation.  It's not enough to believe that YOU will bring THEM up, no they will keep you down.  Cultivate good solid relationships with people ABOVE you and then go higher with them. This is true spiritually and is true in your destiny.  Your vision comes from the influence around you.

Don't be a climber as much as be a person others want to be with. A person that sees you as higher. 

This happens in churches. Particularly in church plants. I have been part of a few.  You start with what you have, those people become your core group, but in the long run will be the core that can keep you down. I had a good pastor say to me the other day about someone who is really responsible almost single handedly for keeping a lid on things, "But (the person) takes such a large load off of me administratively I can't set them aside".  That pastor is stuck.  If you can't expand your vision because of old soul ties, you will never grow.

It doesn't mean you are using people, some (not enough) will expand your vision, some will contract it. Know the difference.  It takes real discernment to know.  Learn to seek out those with vision for a hope and a future, a real future.

When the Lord says come up higher, he doesn't mean for you to cut back or reduce the Kingdom vision he is trying to get you to grasp, he is asking you to break the chains from the former things and come up HIGHER to his ways.

Learn to soar and leave that chicken yard behind.

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Kathy said...

How very true this is and I found that I had to leave an entire church because I never felt uplifted, but always felt God was leading me to a higher place. I am now in a church Family that not only lifts me up but allows me to see ahead and the view is beautiful. Sometimes we must make a decision that brings an end in order to move higher and forward toward the race.