Sunday, May 29, 2016

I hear the Lord saying: "Consider Your Ways"

I heard a stirring talk on the Book of Haggai.   In it the prophet is saying to those who are ignoring the principles and the house of the Lord to "Consider your Ways"  This in verses 5 and 7. 

There is a curse on the land because people have become slothful and full of their own agenda not considering the way they are on.  This is not only good advice for us today, it is good advice at any time.

Since Tuesday night, the words have been ringing in my ear.

We live today in a culture that does not consider its way.  It rolls recklessly down a certain path destined to destruction.

God was merciful enough to send Haggai to the people returned from Babylon.  Now he is once more raising the issue.  I sometime sit on a word from the Lord because it might just be for me.  Lord knows my ways need considering. 

Yet when I see some of the things that people do in the name of self service it shocks me.  ways are NOT considered.  It's all about me. 

The Lord says this:
"If you look only to yourself and your desires, needs, thirsts, hunger and not look to the others around you, there is a curse upon your efforts.  I do not bring the curse directly, I allow the manifestation of the curse of the ground and remove my hand of blessing to allow you to dry up and become fruitless.  My Son removed the curse from you but you have the power to enter back into the curse. You can become a curse chooser.  Do not think that my hand is less short than it was in the days of my called one as they spoke to my people coming out of Babylon. 

You have questioned the poverty, want, need, emptiness, wasted lives and what seems to be a never ending chasing of your tail.   You must consider you ways.  What you are now is not what I called you to be.  There is much peace and joy in my purposes and blessing.  You however without your ways carefully considered never find that place.

Return to ME, you have left and now wonder why.  Get away from your creature comforts, the money you spend on nothing that lasts, the time you waste on things that have no merit.  The secrets you hold that are robbing you of my best.  Those are the ways I call you to consider.  I am not angry with you, I just want better for you. Not because you deserve it, not because you are worthy, but for MY NAMES SAKE I will deliver you from the snare of the fowler as you consider the ways that got you there.

It's not too late.  Consider your ways."

I confess that as I got this word I was grieved over sin and deception in my own life that I have succumbed to.  I repent.. and come back Lord.

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