Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wisdom IS still the Principle Thing

I heard the Lord say today:

The Mind I offer people when they come to Me is not hard.  It is pure, it is holy, it is wisdom.  I offer gifts that allow those called by my name to make good decisions, to not be easily mislead.  to find truth when deception is all around.  Discernment is one of the covenant gifts of MY Spirit.

Yet many are swayed by the world around them by popular attitudes and ideas.  Thoughts processed by the crowd. Clever deceptions that take people off track.

The crowd has never been wise. The Crowd called out "Crucify". They walked away when it got hard as I said "Unless you eat my flesh...".  They denied Me.

The crowd has never been any ideal of wisdom.  Only Me. Only My mind renewed in you matters.  If you lean on your own understanding you will fall.

So look to me, seek wisdom, I call from the high places and say, come to ME... for I will give you rest from the things targeting to take you from my best for you.

Seek wisdom and understanding, for it remains above all the principle thing.

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