Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Life is full of choices.  What to eat, what to wear, what road to take when they divert from each other. 

We make even more life changing choices when we start a career, decide who to marry, where to live and the greatest choice of all to follow light or darkness, Jesus or not.

When we come to these crossroads in life, there is sometimes a way back, you can go back to school to learn something new, or quit your job and start another. You can move to a new city if you don't like where you live.  Of course you can always choose to divorce and marry another.  You can come back to God.

Those are restarts, those are choices that set you back and sometimes cost you much or sometimes lead to much better things. Choices can be confusing.  Too many in the cereal aisle can make you walk right by without buying any.

Now we are facing choices in our culture that will be life changing for your children's children.  No matter how you see it, the choices made in the USA, Wars, Supreme Court Rulings on Marriage, Abortuary infestations, homosexual rights and hundreds of other bad consequences come from decisions made in the past.

So, once again, we are asked to choose again.  Joshua said, Choose this day whom you will serve, but for me and my house we will serve the Lord.  Will you. Will you choose rightly?

If you think this is a political post, you are wrong.  This is about the culture and it's decline that brings us to the point of choices that are worse than Sophie's.  The capacity to choose light over darkness no longer exists. It is varying degrees of deep darkness placed before us.  Obscured.  Lies.  No truth in them.

Now what?  How do we get out of this?  It is up to us to shine as light in the Dark Places. Call evil truly evil and celebrate the GOOD.  Christians have too long allowed the culture to call evil good and good evil.

It won't be easy, you will be ridiculed.  You will be shunned by a fallen christian culture.  But if you don't stand, who will?  Who will stand in the middle of the Colosseum and say, ENOUGH OF THIS before the lions once more come to kill and destroy.

This is your prophetic call to stand against the evil growing.. perhaps this is the beginning.  Perhaps this is the end.. We are at a crossroads.. now choose you this day....


Ron McK said...

The serious choices were made long ago. You are now just seeing the manifestation of the consequences of those choices.

Kathy said...

Oddly we spoke of this same topic in Bible study last night. I confessed that I have felt the need to stand before my liberal friends and family and confess my Faith to God, and no longer keep silent. This is becoming a hard battle as I know that I risk the lose of friends and family, but the gain is much better...the Love of God! I do hope that in my stand I will be able to turn some souls to the light of Jesus by letting my light shine out onto them and let them see that God is the way and the light!