Monday, February 16, 2015

There is no "Used To Be" in the kingdom of God.

I met a man who told me he used to be an evangelist. One of the five fold. I didn't respond other than courteously. Then I took that "Used To Be" test and applied it across the board. Can a person say, "I used to be an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist? What does used to look like. Does that mean that somehow you changed your DNA, your spiritual gender? If you were once truly a Pastor, you will be when you die, you will be one in Heaven, if you choose to go to hell, you will be a Pastor in hell. Once you are ordained by God to be whatever He called you to do He does not repent of that call and you can't not be any more.

I am asked from time to time what Church I am a prophet in. There are some like Crusaders who accept prophets like me. There are many who do not. That doesn't mean I am any less of a prophet if I am not received. Jesus was the Christ as He walked the earth, He couldn't and wouldn't repent of that identity. Even if they "Received him not". He could never say, "I used to be the Christ".

Just because you don't stand with a mic in your hand before a large group of people doesn't make you NOT an Evangelist. Just because you aren't leading a fellowship doesn't make you NOT a pastor. Just because you aren't articulating the word of God doesn't make you NOT a teacher. Just because you haven't planted a church recently or released ministry gifts or have not yet carried out the vision God gave you doesn't mean you aren't an Apostle any more.

You are what you are and that's what you will be positionally. Pastors pastor. Teachers Teach, Prophets Prophesy, Evangelists Evangelize and Apostles GO. They just do. It's who they are. If you wake them up at 3AM in the morning, they will default to who they are.

If you have a call of God on your life and you know it (don't clap your hands or stomp your feet) just live it out. Daily. Be the gift God filled you with. That can happen at the gas station. That can happen in the supermarket. That may happen at the doctors office. Anywhere. Anytime. You be, and the opportunity will provide itself. You don't need a building, acceptance, station or paid installation to carry out your mandate. A racehorse will race. You are called to run that race till you finish it.

So go, be, do, and don't worry about those stuck in traditions that try to hold you down. Your call is without repentance. You can't not be. There is no "Used to Be" in the Kingdom"

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Anonymous said...

Dwight pentcost once asked a denominational leader. Where are all the apostles. His reply wa many are retired, mr. Pentecost looked at him and said do you know what my friend howard carter would say to them ( a prophet who gave most denominations their teaching on the gifts and the Holy Spirit. The man replied no go ahead. Mr. Pentecost repelied repent or be judged their is no retirement in the kingdom is what the prophet would say.