Saturday, February 28, 2015

Don't Go Changin'


some of you who have known me a long time will know of this and who this is. I knew a young man, son of a pastor friend of mine, Steve, who was small. Short. At 16 he was not yet 5' tall. He and his parents were concerned and tried all they could. Diets, vitamins, exercise. Nothing worked. I know it seems strange but they prayed that his DNA would be reversed somehow that he might grow.

He didn't. It became a source of genuine frustration. Out of resignation once his dad said to Steve, "IF God had wanted you to be any different, he would have made you different. You are exactly what God made you to be." That took a load off his shoulders. He was feeling guilty for being differently made. 

What Steve's dad was saying is, "There is no use praying to repent of your DNA. You are what you are. In HIS eyes you are perfectly and wonderfully made."

No repentance required.

Then in early adulthood, without chemicals, without drugs, suddenly he experienced a radical growth spurt. Steve is 6' today. Why did this happen as it did? I don't know. I have many friends and relatives who are very tall, Fat, Skinny, Hairless, Hairy, Pretty, Not so much, Short, well built, scarecrow. Every shape and size. Of course there are merchants who depend on your desire to change your DNA and offer all kinds of quacks and cures. That's why cosmetics, Botox, Plastic Surgery, Implants, drugs (legal and otherwise) and every kind of quack "Change Your Life" quack cure and theology comes along. None of which will do much except drain your bank account.

Then there are different personality and temperament issues; As heritable (DNA) as your hair color, eye color and the lenght of your toes. It's you. If you have certain personality traits differing from someone else, be who you are. Don't try to imitate others. IF you have a tenancy to be aggressive, passive, pensive, organized or somethings else, as long as you are respectful of others, you need to be what you are made of. There are plenty of people who will try to convince you to change who God made you to be. They will try to lock you up in chains of guilt and condemnation. They will make sure you stay addicted to their CURE until everything you have is gone and then so are you. Then prepare to be cast aside...

I am not talking about real pathology, there is depression, violence, bi-polar disorders and such. I'm talking about the uniqueness that you were and are made to be..a star in the universe. Some bright, some red, some flaming out, some steady, some rotating around another star, some just forming, some aging out and some just "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Be who you are.

So stop blaming God for making you the way you are. You are exactly the person he created you to be.. warts and all. Get on with it. Life is far too short to spend it trying to repent of your DNA.

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