Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christianity has the Presence of Holy Spirit.. Islam has something else

I am disturbed prophetically by an attempt to equate Islamic Fundamentailst Violence as is demonsttrated on the earth to things that happened during the dark ages hundreds of years ago.

Not to deny these things happened is not the point, it's just not equal to current events.

Christianity in it's expressions on the earth today when yeilded to the Spirit of God is being embraced by millions.  It wins the ideological and spiritual battle for the hearts, minds and souls of man.  That much is certain.  Jesus IS Lord.

Yet to have a national leader try to draw equality between Islamic Radicalism today and ancient Christianity is insane.  Religion is a killer, that much is certain.  The Spirit of God is full of Life and sets people free to live. There is no equality.

There is something wrong when we are asked to consider how bad we were, when we aren't.  We seem to not allowed to consider how bad they are, when they are today.  Today's evil is enough for today.  Don't go back and dig up bones, not of past evil religion, not of past enslavement of people, not of past atrocities.. those are gone.  Don't borrow from what if.. tomorrow will have enough of it's own.

Today is what matters... there is evil on the earth. Good is overcoming evil.  YET in the face of evil good men and women will die to destroy the  manifestations of demons. 

Have no fellowship with such.  To draw equality is to have fellowship and that is the sign of a misleader.

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Craig Adams said...

Central to any discussion of the Crusades should be fat the Crusades were initiated in response to Islamic Jihadi aggression.

Islamic forces invaded the Iberian Peninsula as well as areas of Central Europe.

Further evidence of the violent nature of Islam is found in the familiar strains of the Marine Corps hymn: the phrase to the shores of Tripoli refers to action taken to restrain the Islamic caliphate from imprisoning American merchantmen on the high seas and extracting both ranso and dhimmitude a tax on "infidels" established in the Quran from the United States of America.

I didn't mean it actually were committed when European forces turn countermeasures Islamic aggression into a holy war of conversion of their own is undeniable.

It is no less undeniable that the aggression of the Middle Ages based on the courses, by the Islamic caliphate in North Africa, and by Islamic forces today irrefutable irrefutable evidence of the violent aggressive nature of Islam.

Islam as dictated by the Qu'ran is not merely a religion, but a culture of violence explicitly claims right to world domination in the name of Allah.