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"Word of the Lord July 2011" By: Prophet Phyllis Ford & "The Challange Ahead" By: Apostle Miles Ford

June 28, 2011

This is a time when some of your greatest accomplishments can be established as you yield your life before me. It is truly a time to shake oneself from negative experiences and avail yourselves to what I have placed in you, planned in you, and are preparing in you; that you may go forth to establish the work ahead with my grace and fortitude. And yes, there will be challenges and obstacles ahead. The most important thing must be determined, and that is ‘what do you believe?’ How will you obey the calling that I have placed upon you before the foundation of the earth? Begin to move along the lines of that which I have called you, established you, and perfected you; so that the answers to today’s dilemmas will be ultimately found in you.

This is a turning point, a time of great testing, and a time to stand for whom you have been called and what you are to represent on the earth. This time is now; and it must be now because the time is short, and the work ahead is monumental, but it can be accomplished with what I have placed in you, says the Lord.

The work ahead is a corporate one, and it operates because of what needs to be accomplished more than the individuals who are doing it. It becomes completed because of the cause by which the efforts are initiated. So many lives are hanging in the balance. I need sober-minded, strong leaders who are not compromised by their flesh and their loyalties to the world, but they are walking worthy of their calling, they know why they have been called and what their responsibility is. You are about to see some serious things take place because of decisions made in leadership, in the church, in the back room, in the government, in their prayer closets, and even things spoken in their bed chambers.

You will see a series of events that will now take place as a result of these decisions. So this is the time to make a stand. Who is on the Lord’s side, and who will do my bidding? Who will declare my word and my truth, even in the midst of greedy, lusty, and selfish men? Who will stand for my name? These things aren’t about a person’s reputation. These things are about truth. Who will you serve? Who will you be willing to lay down your lives for, will be the question. I am waiting and I already know what lies ahead. So choose now! Stand now! Make sure you choose carefully.

Are you willing to lay down your life for what you believe? If you do, I will defend you. I will hold you with my right hand, for I am your deliverer, says the Lord. Do not fear the things that are about to come upon this world, because if you have made the right choices you have nothing to fear. If you will make the right steps, I will lead you and direct your life. But you must hearken diligently and not make decisions based upon your flesh, but hear me and obey me as you follow me --- you will walk in realms of protection and move along to accomplish extraordinary tasks. So things that may seem impossible will be accomplished for My glory. So allow me to move you forth and instruct you as these months move ahead.

In this month (and beyond) you will see events occur that will astonish you. The earth is in travail which is why so many things are occurring right now, but there are also plans within groups, sleeper cells, and evil plans that are in the making.

The government should be in watch mode, but they will be going with business as usual and will not see the signs coming--- for great upheaval.

There will be more violent evil winds and earthquakes as well.

Intercessors, watchmen, I am calling you this hour to watch---–to pray. Leaders in the church-----it is your kingdom responsibility to move and act; make a stand. You must be ready and prepared for what is coming, but the only way that you will be prepared is to be before My presence.

Take necessary steps, make and implement plans for water and food. Crisis care and crisis management will be needed as you work together, as you pray together, as you move forward together, and much will be accomplished as you follow My leading and My directions.

Ecclesiastes 9:11 New Living Translation “I saw something else under the sun. The race isn't [won] by fast runners, or the battle by heroes. Wise people don't necessarily have food. Intelligent people don't necessarily have riches, and skilled people don't necessarily receive special treatment. But time and unpredictable events overtake all of them.”

Ecclesiastes 9:11 God’s Word Translation “I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn't always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn't always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don't always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time.”

Prophetic Insight (Alert)

I had the following three vivid visions:

1. I saw an explosion near a very mountainous region –I saw a thick cloud, and after the cloud began to clear, part of the mountain was crumbling, literally, by the power of the force of what had just happened.

2. I saw several men dressed in white protective gear with containers pouring something in the water. I don’t know if it was a result of something already bad in the water or what.

3. It was very rainy outside, and I saw several officials and men dressed with suits and trench coats with umbrellas getting out of cars, and someone began to shoot through the crowd, and everyone was ducking to the ground—I did not see who was firing or if anyone or if several were hurt. (I felt real trouble in my spirit).

Please pray around these visions because the implications are serious. Since our last update Seattle Washington picked up a suspected terrorist (June 24th). Alaska had two earthquakes, magnitude approx. 7.4, and Philippines suffered tropical storm, Meari, and a typhoon-–these were all on our watch list. (So it is important that we pray.) A special thanks to those who send supportive info to pray about---we ask that Intercessors from Europe, Asia, South American, Africa etc. --- EVERY KINDRED, NATION, and TONGUE --- pray!

Calling all intercessors! We have obtained the email for watchman/intercessors to send their prayer alerts and we will send out prayer alerts and receive alerts at:

Final Note: Read over the word of the Lord for June because much will become clearer and clearer within the next 3 months. These words will overlap even going back to April 2011. The following is a very powerful word given to my husband, Apostle Miles Ford, which adds dimension to the words you have just read.

The Challenge Ahead – by: Apostle Miles Ford

It is my view that the best of what the church will give to the world is about to be revealed over the next 2 and one half years. As citizens of the kingdom of God, we know that Jesus Christ is the best that the church can give to the world. As we live our lives in obedience, discipline, and power that is totally submitted and consecrated before Him, this is what makes us successful as we present Christ and manifest the power of His kingdom before all men. There are so many opportunities that are about to be presented for God’s people to come forward and shine. With answers to very complex events and sudden changes that will, to those not knowing and trusting in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, be insurmountable. At each level and through each crisis, God has in advance given the wisdom, grace, anointing, finances and leadership as well as many other resources so that His will plan and purpose is fully accomplished and carried out.

The challenge aspect of what I feel will go down as the church’s finest hour is, unfortunately, what will be known as a great time of turmoil and trouble. I believe that the events of July will mark what is a total change in mindset for us as a nation. It will be a great all-hands-on-deck signal for the church, and during that time, we will be faced with a lot of angry, misguided, and untrusting people on all sides.

There is such a small window of time for preparation for those in the body of Christ to prepare and position ourselves for these coming challenges. There are those to whom God is releasing wealth in this hour from various avenues. These will be the most challenged of all because they will hold what I call a ‘Joseph key’ for many to whom God has ordained that they sustain and minister to during this season. In my estimation the church should be already shifted into a crisis-aftermath mode. We should have a sound answer to the question of: If the U. S. dollar collapses and loses it’s worth and value, how will I conduct the business of the kingdom and what then will be our method of currency to accomplish God’s plan? Also, if there is a food or water crisis or shortage, are we still able to function for a reasonable period of time?

This is the time that the church must listen to and study very carefully the words, and prophetic warnings, of its prophets and apostles, whether it concerns earthquakes or social unrest. For those who don’t, they will be left scrambling for answers in a time of challenges that they will then be staring in the face. We must not expect that the greatest harvest of souls that has ever been reaped coming into God’s kingdom would come without event. This time of challenge will also be a time of change and most importantly a time for God’s champions to arise and enter the fields that are ripe unto harvest to work and win souls for the Glory of God. “Except a corn of wheat fall unto the ground and die it abides alone but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.” (John 12:24) Sometimes we need to give up life (as we know it) and be willing to sacrifice, so that much fruit can be realized for God’s greater purpose.

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