Monday, July 25, 2011

When our Eyes will see the Spiritual rather than the Physical alone

Last night at the CHICAGO VISITATION: THE CITY CELEBRATION RALLY @ The Hilton, in Oak Lawn I shared a revelation that has been haunting me. Some of it has been generated as I have been challenged in my Eschatology by Ron Mackenzie. Some of it has been experiential. For these reasons I was not as practiced and glib as I usually am.'s real. A stumbling prophet with depth is better than one who is quick to speak yet shallow. I have heard Bob Jones enough to know it's true. Deep but stumbling.

The Revelation I am seeing:

We live in a 3 dimensional world. Science and the word of God insists there are unseen things all around us. That we live in the touch feel see taste hear world yet that world may not be as real as the one beyond our vision.

It sounds like the matrix...yet it's not like that really. Good movie..bad theology.

If you consider events in the Word of God where people DID have spiritual vision beyond the five senses you see perhaps how we might see if our spiritual eyes were opened.

In 2 Kings 6:16 Elisha the prophet had a fearful servant. The army was surrounding them. They were in the physical in peril. YET, Elisha prayed that the eyes of his servant be opened..when they were the reality came...Those that are with us are more than those who are against us.

Stephan being stoned looked up and saw the Lord...did he see him in heaven or were his eyes suddenly opened to a present and close spiritual reality? Acts 7:56

Baalam's Donkey wouldn't go further because he saw an angel in the way. Baalam couldn't see, but the Donkey had spiritual vision. Numbers 22:25

Isaiah 6:1-4 saw the Lord High and Lifted up...physical or spiritual sight?

Ezekiel 1:16 saw a wheel within a wheel...Physical or Spiritual?

Jesus walks thru the wall...Physical or Spiritual.

Angels of the 7 Churches....Physical Pastors or Apostles of perhaps actual ANGELS assigned to the churches (my view)

John the Revelator's vision of Jesus and heaven...seen with physical or Spiritual eyes?

The mount of Transfiguration... what was that? Physical or Spiritual sight

OR perhaps there is a another way to look at this... There are according to ones who know as many as ten dimensions, mostly at an atomic level. This according to the Fermi Lab research. If the Apostle Paul who was caught up into the third heaven...did he go up somewhere or was he given a brief ability to see into another dimension in a fresh revelation.

If that's true, is it possible that we are living our lives with the supernatural all around us. Not above us...beside us. Unseen. That things we read of in the word are happening right here right now...all around us...just unseen. IF we could see them we would be brave, bold, fearless, upright, sinless, powerful.

Isn't that what we were created for? IF our prayer is for a visitation on the city of Chicago, if we really could see the unseen that is for us more than those against us...we would have no pulling back.

I have experienced this a few times. Sometimes in worship or prayer the presence of God is so strong I KNOW that if I could just reach out I could touch Jesus. I know it. OR His statement that "I will never ever leave or forsake you" is false. I'm guessing you have had this experience as well. He becomes so real...

When He does step into the Physical...He does so as a man, not as the Godhead. Its why He must remain THERE and the Holy Spirit...true God is among us manifested in us. Jesus sits on the Throne as a Man...yet true God.

When the Disciples watched Him ascend into heaven and He entered a cloud...I posit that what they saw was Jesus entering the other dimension..the spiritual realm. So when the claim in Like Manner was true. When we see him's always in like manner.

This is a fresh revelation. One Holy Spirit has been working on with me for a couple weeks. I share it because if your concept of Jesus and Heaven is from afar are mistaken.

In Revelation 4:1-11 there is a picture of's wonderful. YET, the veil between that reality in eternity and our time constrained physical reality is very very thin. Sometimes I have found myself there and so have you. Not physically. Spiritually.

It's like a parchment...and sometimes under the oil of anointing it becomes translucent...we get a peek.

I often refer to death as stepping from time into eternity. That's really what happens. The veil is very thin.

So next time you are in worship and are caught up...see thru the veil...see the glassy sea all around are have longed for the glassy sea...with all the saints and all the Angels are joining in with you in song. Revelation 15:1-8

I believe these revelations of the spiritual realities will increase as the need manifests. Yes the Physical will get worse and worse but the Glory of seeing HIM will get better and better.

Evenso..come Lord Jesus...and yet you are already here.

May we all live in the increasing reality of an Open Heaven seen with spiritual eyes.

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