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Kim Clement: Protection for Israel, America, and More

Kim Clement

Prophesied on July 16, 2011 from The Den:

Those Who Are With Us Are Greater Than Those Who Are Against Us

Our Israel trip is turning out to be really fantastic in terms of what the Lord is giving me in regard to that. I'm going to share with you what came to me about the month of September and how the enemy is going to try and do something all 30 days of September – one-a-day attacks. They're going to call it the "grand 9-11." They're going to take the ten-year anniversary – and this I know only by the Spirit. I was praying this morning and the Lord said to me, "Kim, you must be prepared because governments are going to think that you have inside information." I'm not saying this loosely; I'm saying it very seriously. He said to me, "You must be prepared for scrutiny, until they realize it really is actually the gift of God." It'll get so accurate, they will begin to wonder if there are any ties.

Now, I've had that happen before and it's quite amusing. There are so many things around the prophetic gift; there's so much chaos and so much spiritual activity, it's amazing. Jane's had to live with it for 32 years, and she's just so used to it now; but things just go crazy and we just deal with it and move on. We have had visits from the FBI and the Secret Service because of people taking prophetic words and misrepresenting them as well (in that instance it was). But we live with it and it's fine, but I'm preparing myself.

This is what God said to me. He said, "Can you deal with it when it happens? Because it's going to happen because of what I've got in store for you to share regarding what the enemy's doing; just like Elisha – he knew exactly what the enemy's plans were – but he had to deal with the opposition, being surrounded by the Syrian army." He dealt with it by not seeing the army but seeing the unseen, which were the angels. When I read that story, the angels were actually round about Elisha, so they were actually protecting him; then he told his servant, "Those who are with us are greater than those who are against us." That's where our song, "Angels" came from. Anyway, I'm telling you that because I need you to cover me and my family always in prayer, because when God starts giving deeper revelation and it becomes more accurate, the enemy really gets upset because he always attacks the revelation of God.

Israel and America

So, Israel's going to be fantastic. As I woke up this morning, I heard the name of a city and where this whole thing would be launched from in Israel. It doesn't mean you mustn't come. I'm going! Don't worry, nothing's going to happen to you. We're going to make it the "ungrandest 9-11" ever. We're going to topple their little boat. This is good news; this is great news. That's all I have to tell you.

You may be saying, "But Kim, you've got a bad report about 9-11 – the ninth month of 2011, ten years after the destructive 9-11," and now God is showing it and revealing it, and I'm making it known that this will not succeed. There'll be attempts, and they want to take the entire 30 days of September and have one attack a day. I heard that from the Spirit; I don't Google, I don't do any of that stuff. I've heard nothing, but I heard (I may as well tell it now, and the Lord spoke about it this morning), He said "Jaffa."

When I heard that I knew it was in Israel somewhere, I just wasn't sure of the location. So I got on my phone and sent a text to Sunil, and I said, "Please tell me exactly where Jaffa is." Then he said to me, "It is in the Tel-Aviv area." And then I felt by the Holy Spirit, by revelation, that this was not specifically a location – it's coming to me now, too – it's not specifically a location but a code. It is a code. And as I'm saying it now, I'm feeling the strong presence of God that I feel when I'm in the garden praying – that this could be a code.

Of course, I know people in higher positions, especially in Israel, under this present administration that I can at least get this to. One of them is very high up, very close to the Prime Minister Netanyahu. So I'm going to deliver this. I'm going to Israel next week (spoken by Kim on July 16, 2011). Now as I've said to you, I've cancelled all my big platform meetings; the next platform I stand on with a crowd is going to be in Jerusalem. But next week on Sunday I leave with just a skeleton team – Jane's going with me and we are going to go there. I will then present this that I've heard today. I believe it's going to safeguard them.

It is true that God gave Israel a prophet to preserve them and to take them out of bondage. That's in Hosea – you can go and read it. I've read it many, many times; the Lord gave a prophet to preserve Israel. The prophetic word will preserve Israel. The prophetic word will preserve the people of God. I believe that. The word I've given to you, I just delivered it to you. I can prophesy it if you want, but I think we all have enough understanding to realize that I'm under the Spirit of prophecy right now and more will come out. It will happen as time unfolds. And as I'm on the Den, sometimes as Charlie is next to me, it triggers the prophetic. You see, Charlie's on all the time now.

What will happen is that probably more will come out. Probably as well the Spirit of the Lord does not want me to reveal much more because of security reasons. My voice goes to a lot of people, so I think that could be one of the issues. I'll say it again. There has been a plan; terrorist organizations have gotten together (I'll get more later on); they would like to celebrate by killing as many, or exploding, or doing what they did on 9-11. They realize they cannot do it in that magnitude – how many people died, 3,000-something? – they realize that, so what they want to do is a mini one that will make a statement over the month of September 2011.

This was not revealed to me in March last year when I started my fast and God said to go to Israel. This was revealed to me now as we've made all the plans, so there's no getting out of it now. I'm not afraid at all because God has said to me there'll be more revealed about this. I'm not the FBI, I'm not the Secret Service or the security of Israel, so just mentioning that and then the word "Jaffa" came out will be enough. Maybe if there's more I'll prophesy it, but you and I, our duty is to pray. Prophetic prayer will preserve Israel and keep her safe, keep America safe, keep the people of God safe, all over the world where these attacks are planned. That's the word that I received. It's not bad news, it's good news, because as He protected in the time of Elisha, so He will divert this as well.

Kim Clement
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