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Mark Chironna: God Says, "Repack Your Bags and Travel Light"

The following was prophesied by Mark Chironna on June 28, 2011 at The Master's Touch International Church in Longwood, Florida:
Mark Chironna

"I Am Going to Refresh Those Who Have Been Outrunning the Chariots"

Word of the Lord: "...where I am bringing them, for indeed in this hour of transition and change I am moving My people into a dimension that is fresh and vital and vibrant with a fresh touch of My presence and My Spirit. And to what would I liken these days? Remember now the journey of Elijah in a season of his weariness, after a great victory, where he indeed overcame the forces of Baal and Ashteroth, called down fire from Heaven and then opened the heavens by My command and made it rain.

"And from that moment, after he outran the chariot to Jezreel, he was threatened by Jezebel and her demonic hoards and he entered into a place of isolation and even depression. And there are many of My sons and daughters who have been running well, but did not expect the forces of darkness to come and hit them with threats should they continue to advance.

"But I am going to refresh those who have been outrunning the chariots, even as I refreshed My servant, My messenger Elijah. And I placed before him, at the moment of his greatest weariness, the cake and bread of angels, and the food that I placed before him sustained him for the forty-day trek that he had to make to the place of original visitation. For I brought him back to Mount Horeb where I had revealed My glory in days gone by, even to My servant Moses, and I was about to bring Elijah back to the basics of revelatory life.

Onward, Upward and Forward

"I am going to bring about, in this season of transition, a new dimension, a fresh dimension of revelation by My Spirit and you will eat the bread of angels in this hour and I will sustain you. For, there is yet a journey through transition to the next place of revelation, for that next place involves the raising up of another generation.

"So hear now what I would say to you as My people. At this juncture, while you may feel weary and exhausted, I am still calling you to move forward. I am still calling you to pursue. But this one thing you have to do – you have to unpack your bags and empty them of all the things that no longer belong with you in the travel, and you need to repack your bags and travel light. For the lighter your bags, the faster your feet, and in repacking your bags, you are going to discover a wind under your heels that lifts you above the realm of earthly forces and downward pull.

"And you will run with lightness of feet, as if on air, with the swiftness of angelic glory, because I am getting ready to renew My promises to another generation, and I require a generation that has known and tasted of My power to be fully present to them in the coming hour. Because without that embodiment of My glory and My grace, they will not have the necessary resources to run the race with those who already have been running well. "

Do not allow the powers of darkness to dissuade you from the goal. There is only one direction for you: onward, upward and forward. And just ahead there is provision, and once you repack your bags, there will be a regaining of momentum and a fresh hunger for the manifestation of My power and glory."

There is a Fresh Wind of the Holy Spirit Coming

I hear God saying something to the Body of Christ, but I hear Him saying it to us as a people – there is a desperate cry in Heaven for a fresh unveiling of the manifest power and presence of the glory of Christ in the earth. The Lord knows this city needs to see it, and if we have been running well, I can tell you that running makes your body weary and there are seasons you just have to press through. But God is taking us somewhere. So, while the whole house is not here tonight, I want us to embrace the word for the whole house and say, "Father, we will repack our bags and we will travel light." Because what is coming is greater than what has been, and as a house we are being redefined – not based on where we have been, but rather based on where we are going.

Be assured, there is a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit coming and it is not far off, because we have entered into a fresh Pentecost and God is going to blow with His wind; and the enemies that would seek to dissuade you are going to be blown away like chaff is blown away from the wheat. Whether you are in the marketplace or the meeting place, be encouraged, the anointing is relevant to your call and there is a fresh wind coming.

It is not time to quit! It is time to just unpack those things that are not serving the purpose of God and repack only the essentials, because where you are going you are not going to need a lot of the things that brought you this far. All you are going to need is to find that thin place on the mountain of God where His glory can pass by and give you the layout and the directives for your next assignment.

Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Mark Chironna Ministries

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