Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Happens When you become Baptized in the Holy Ghost

When a person is Baptized in the Holy Ghost things change. Not feelings. Things change. For me and many others it is a bigger change than when we were saved. Being saved moved me from Death to Life. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost made if VERY real.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost brings hope. It’s a new dimension of life in God as new hope is manifested. That hope will change the level of Persistence for MORE of God. During the last move of God the words, More Lord were a manifestation of this persistent hunger.

But there are more manifestations of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost that we must be aware of. They are a part of the Promise of the Father…. Jesus is the Baptizer but the Father is the one who Promised HIM to come. All of the following are from the Word of God. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost will lead to:

Faith…. As we pray in Tongues, as we pray in the Holy Ghost our faith will increase. When I am going into a tough circumstance in ministry, particularly regarding spiritual opposition, I will pray in Tongues.

Prayer….Praying in Tongues will release me to become more a man of prayer than I was before. I can pray as the Spirit leads. My mind is unprofitable. But my spirit prays. I am a conduit for Him. I don't have to come up with what to Pray about, I can just pray.

Peace…Many times as I find myself in turmoil, I pray in the Holy Ghost and find the peace of God descend on me…. It’s a wonderful thing. The gift of tongues offers a cleansing of the crisis in my life as I allow HIM to flow thru me. He washes over me.

Fellowship… When I pray in tongues I become keenly aware of the presence of God in my life by the Holy Spirit. I no longer feel alone. He is right there with me. In me. Beside me. Guiding me. Leading me.

Unity….When I pray with other Spirit Filled believers in tongues there is a unity that comes that may not happen if we prayed in English. I have had prayers that I have been part of where I didn’t agree with what was being prayed. Not wanting to be disruptive I stayed silent. But when many of us pray together in tongues there is a bond of unity as the Spirit prays thru us.

Opens the doors to all giftedness….The gift of tongues will develop faith to enter into additional giftedness. The same faith it takes to speak in Tongues is the same faith you need to prophesy, speak a word of wisdom or word of knowledge. Any of the gifts. You can’t fully enter into All the gifts without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit… or at least not very easily.

Spirit Warfare…sometimes when there is a difficult situation that you are facing alone or even as a group, praying in a strong tongue will release the angelic warriors as the Spirit of God speaks a heavenly language thru you in warfare. This is when we are stirred to interceed for someone a long way off.... we do it in warfare. You may be wakened in the middle of the night, a person come to mind, and you pray in the Holy Ghost for that person.

Spirit Worship…. the Holy Spirit will release a new level of worship. Much of it will be manifested revelation as you become more free… but the gift of Tongues will allow you to worship in Spirit and Truth in ways you couldn’t have before. Singing in the Spirit isn’t possible without the Gift of tongues. When it happens and you hear it you are hearing what heaven will sound like.

Prophetic Release …. the gift of tongues will sometimes manifest in a public meeting out loud. IF it does, then it’s good protocol for someone to interpret the utterance. The gift of interpretation is one of the gifts of the spirit as is the gift of the tongue. Every Baptized Holy Ghost believer can and perhaps should develop this as time goes on. The prophetic is essential, but as we move ahead we must know that sometimes God uses a tongue and interpretation as an equivalent for the prophetic in a public meeting.

Being understood and discerned in the Spirit…. Sometimes if I hear a person praying or speaking in tongues and I hear them, it helps me comprehend who they are in Jesus. There have been times when hearing someone pray or speak in tongues binds me to them.. Other times I get the nature of the Spirit of the person I am with by that. And sometimes it causes me to understand who they are in Christ. From that I respond accordingly.

The gift of Tongues and the Ability to Speak a Foreign language….there have been many times when people have heard someone speak a language they did not know in the hearing of a person who’s native language was that. YET, that language was never learned. We saw that in the Book of Acts. However, even in the natural, if a person is Baptized in the Holy Spirit and he or she has to learn a new language, it is easier to learn it when you have been baptized and speak in tongues. The same faith it takes to step out, open your mouth and speak a heavenly language is the same process by which you learn to speak Japanese.

Self Control…. once a person is Baptized in the Holy Ghost, they will often find themselves so overwhelmed that they have to become very self controlled. The gift is subject the person carrying the gift. It will develop maturity and self control as you walk in the gift.

All the Fruit of the Spirit flow out of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost…. That doesn’t mean you become instantly full of Joy, Peace, Love, Long suffering etc. But you will be on the path. And it’s easier when the Fullness of the Spirit is in you. Fruit bearing.

You will hear from God in your spirit more easily…..once you have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you will find yourself sensitive to the voice of God in you. It will manifest still and small but you will know it in ways you didn’t before. And the more you hear and listen, the more you will hear.

The word of God will come alive….everyone I know who has received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost says the same thing. Everything in the Bible came alive. When I read the word it leaped off the page. Spoke to me directly. You will understand the Bible like you never did before.

You will develop confidence in what to say….When you are put on the spot, as you walk in the fullness of the Spirit you will find yourself ready in and out of season on what to say at any time. "Give no thought when they bring you before men as what you will say"…. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job.

Your ability to sin decreases….being baptized in the Holy Ghost won’t stop all sin in your life, but there is a restraining power that goes with the Holy Ghost’s presence. It will operate even in your life. You will become worse at being a sinner. Sinning will get harder to get done.

You will understand the Trinity spiritually….You will begin to understand that Holy Spirit is a person. A being. God. There is only once that all of the trinity was present and manifest on earth at one time. At the baptism of Jesus, the Holy Spirit came down as a dove and the Father spoke from Heaven. As you get to Know Holy Spirit, you will come to grips with the Trinity.

You will occasionally operate in some of the 9 Gifts of the Spirit… some more than others. But from time to time you will be called on to operate in one of them as the need arises. It’s a manifestation. All of them are gifts to be used as the Spirit wills for different needs.

This brings me to the single question I answer most regarding Holy Spirit Baptism. DO YOU HAVE TO SPEAK IN TONGUES TO BE BAPTISED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT?

The answer to that question is a yes and a no. IF you are dumb, can’t speak, can make no sounds, have no equipment for speaking then if you are Baptized in the Holy Ghost you will not speak in tongues. Yet you can be fully Baptized in the Spirit with all the gifts present but not all manifest.

However if you can speak, and you have received the Baptism of the Spirit and you NEVER EVER speak in tongues then it’s probable you were never truly Baptized in the Spirit. Or you are walking in disobedience. Not a good place to be. The Spirit is prompting you to speak out, and you resist. Pride can be the only reason. That would be sin. To him that knows to do and does it not….to him it is sin.

If you are called on by the Spirit of God to manifest healing, a word of wisdom, a word of Knowledge, discerning of spirits, or any of the other giftings you would most likely be willing to move ahead in that. It’s safe. On the other hand, the more you move ahead in obedience particularly in Tongues, the more God can and will use you by the other eight gifts.

Ultimately, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit you will Speak in Tongues. Or suffer the fate Sampson did… the Spirit will withdraw and you will not know….

Heaven is still secure, you’ll just walk in less.

And, when I consider all the benefit to speaking in tongues and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I can’t imagine why getting hung up in pride would keep you from all the benefits of this mighty gift of the Spirit.

Being Baptized in the Spirit was not a suggestion from Jesus…. He spoke to over 500 people to go to Jerusalem on the day of ascension. Yet only 140 were then when the Dunamis came.

It’s the same today.

Be ye continually FILLED with the Spirit of God.

I would that you ALL spoke in tongues…Even as I do..


Coulby said...

I just received the gift of tongues about 3 days ago. I am so glad to have it.

Anonymous said...

As usual, tongues as the only sign that you have the Baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit is what you understand, but let me tell you that this is not always the case!! Our ministers in Nepal are filled with the Holy Spirit, they evangelize, they pray for the sick and the sick recover, they caste out demons in the name of Jesus and the demons obey...They don't all speak in tongues. Please allow God to give the gifts of the Holy Spirit to whom he wants and for His purposes and consider the possibility that you may not totally understand or have a handle on the Holy Spirit.

Sean said...

Prophet Gene love what you are teaching on this website.Months before i lost my job(Nov.13th-2009)after 20yrs. of service and went full-time ministry(Dec.17-2009)God spoke to me to start an intercessory prayer group and be faithful to this work every week(Thursdays).This was the best thing that happen to my wife(Wanda) and I. Man of God it pays off high dividends being in hours of prayer. Before talking to my Pastor our household started first. Since January 2009 the fasted lifestyle was happening on a daily basics.Also July 2009(4:30 am) had a dream.Location:My mother house/basement room with hands raised in worship standing speaking in tongues and all the sudden this thick midst filled the room.I woke up quickly and found myself shaking and carrying more Glory.Never experience this before so i went to work rejoicing in the God of salvation.At the end of the day it went back to Heaven.But that heavy glory came back August 7-2009 and stayed.The Holy Spirit revealed to me he is looking for those to carry more of His presence for End-time harvest work.This blew my box(mind). Prophet Gene also the Spirit of God says His Glory is soon to come and the judgement of the Church.So 2011 walking in power isnt an Option.I been a minister since April-1999 but have never experience the Heavenly manifestation that keep coming. As i write this blog to you Jehovah-Kabod is here in the room. Exodus 33 chapter is what's going on. Keep me in the loop. We will continue to touch and agree with you and your family for a resting of God"s glory zone. Your new friends in Christ, Rev.Sean and Sis. Wanda Spearman(Detroit,MI.)

kimberly said...

My name is Kimberly I have recently given my life over to the lord. I was raised in church as a child. Left the lord and finally returned home. I love God. I recently noticed while in worship service I lose control of my tongue. When I was a child I was in service(church) and felt the greatest feeling in the world in my stomach area.I couldn't even stand up straight it felt so good. I long for this feeling again. All I ask from u man of God is can u please pray that I will receive the baptism of the holy spirit w/power and fire. Understand my dreams(Divine revelation) Hear and know gods voice. Become a prayer warrior. Become spiritually minded and sensitive. Receive all of my spiritual inheritance. And that I'll hide his word in my heart so that I will not sin against him. I don't know if u will ever see my comment but if u do. Thank u and I pray that god will continue to smile upon u.

kimberly said...

Prophet Gene Can u please pray that I will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with power and fire. And that the gifts will manifest themselves. I long to hear the voice of God. Can u also pray that my family will follow and that I will speak Gods word over my circumstances. And see the manifestation in the natural. Call things into existence according to his word. And that I'll fulfill my calling that he has spoken over my life from this day forth. Amen. Prophet Gene Thank u. See u in heaven :)

Anonymous said...

Please pray I will recieve the Holly Spirit. I really want this. I want all God has to offer. Becky Parks

Anonymous said...

I was leadto this website. I believe this was the doing of God. Today I was baptized, before then I already felt like the Holy Ghost was using me. Many of times I have felt the Holy Ghost stirring in my stomach or I have felt that when a prophecy is being told, my spirit agreed. Also, a few years back I had the pleasure of speaking to God through tongues and I was literally (could see the throne) in His presence. Thank you for helping me to prepare for what happens after being baptized.
Tashawna Chisholm

Unknown said...

when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit was like being bathed in love. I was also granted a vision of a rather nice looking Middle Eastern man in ancient clothing meticulously groomed. who counseled me with such tact ..wisdom and compassion that he could not have been of this world. a profound change occurred in me that day. I did not however receive the gift of tongues

Unknown said...

for me baptism in the Holy Spirit was like being bathed and love. I was also granted a vision yes a vision of a rather nice looking Middle Eastern man, meticulously groomed in ancient clothing. this entity counseled me with such wisdom and compassion and he was so tactful that he was definitely not of this world. I was profoundly Changed that day. I did not however receive the gift of tongues. signs and wonders are great aren't they? but let us not so limit the Holy Spirit.