Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jesus and The Prophesied Greater Works Conundrum

I love the great saints of the past. I love reading about them, thinking about them and in many ways imagining what must have been like THEN. Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake, Martin Luther, Andrew Murray.

Then some more recent in contemporary remembrance. Keith Green, Billy Joe Daugherty, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, Leonard Ravenhill, and many others who have passed from the scene in more recent years and live in our own memories.

And some who we treasure still, who will soon step from time into eternity. Billy Graham comes to mind. And others who have seen fullness of years who soon will go to the Father.

Some of US are getting older and the days draw nearer for us than before.

Jesus before he returned to the Father said, "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

I have been haunted spiritually by this....what does that mean? Not theologically, not in scholastic seminary thought. Spiritually, in the Mind of Christ which I possess (so do you); what does that mean?

A glimpse is coming to me. It's a glimpse of the "Elijah - Elisha" succession. Elijah did great and mighty works, Elisha got HIS anointing double from Elijah... So he did Greater works than his predecessor did... out of the Anointing of Elijah.

Jesus by the Anointing of the Christ (Messiah) pours out on every generation a portion to men, then as the generations pass one to another those who pick up that anointing can and do receive a double portion of it as they press in. We can do everything through Christ (who is the name of the anointed one and the name of HIS anointing), who gives me (US) strength as that anointing passes to us. But, like in Elijah, it is that anointing that passes from generation to generation, Elijah to Elisha. It all roots in the Christ, Jesus. And we operate in it, but it is multiplied, amplified and spread abroad supernaturally as the Sons of God are multiplied amplified and spread abroad. Greater works.

So, I am considering the meaning of this as the recent past graduation to heaven of saints well remembered. Oral Roberts.... Double Portion passed....means expect a greater outpouring of Healing and trust in God for provision in THIS generation that has picked up the Mantle.

Billy Joe, Expect a greater Love for the Body of Christ and an increase of Shepherd's hearts toward the People of God that pick up this mantle.

Kathryn Kuhlman... is Benny Hinn's mantle larger than Kathryn? And who will come from that? I met one last weekend.

Keith Green.....I am a scion of that tree in many ways. Authentic passionate Christianity. Not religion. Double portion. And in many ways Keith came from Leonard Ravenhill's Mantle.

I have left out so many.

Then what of Billy Graham..... what to expect when that day comes? I prophesy a greater outpouring of Souls Harvest than you can possibly imagine as that Mantle is passed. Different from the crusades of the past. More intense. Even more fruitful.

Except a seed fall to the ground and die... new will not come.

It's coming greater and greater.

We miss those saints of the past. When I read of Lake and Smith, their lives in the Spirit, I want to be like that. I want to live in that anointing from Jesus.

Then, one day, I find myself there, where they were. So do you.

Greater works....we can LIVE like this!


Anonymous said...

Powerful word revelation and prophesying between the lines...! Articulate prophetic expressions

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mantle word. Had to come back to tell you. Had a very anointed apostle friend who once anointed me- a guy pulled a gun on us dwtn once- she told him stop in the name of jesus and he fell to the ground on his back hurt and couldnt get up police took him to jail. She had a powerful miracle working mantle...she ended up yrs later now as a new age unitarian minister with litte power. Women in ministry back in l980 was harder then- says thats how she fell away. Pray for her everybody! So i asked the spirit where is her mantle? It definitly wasnt on her when i met with her last month. The spirit had departed becavse her involement in occult. Her past mantle is to precious to be thrown down disgarded! Iasked the lord let me carry it for her till she returns to zion. Lord help her find the way back.